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Me Vs. Jim Ross: 3 Hour Raws, Rusev Can Go In The Ring & More.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated his blog about this past Monday’s Raw, he talked about Raw going three hours and how it can be executed well. Also, Rusev having a good match with Rob Van Dam. He gives his take and I give mine, this is “Me Vs. Jim Ross”.

JR: Generally, when RAW TV shows are good for the three hour marathons it is usually a sign that the immediate, short term direction has been signed off on which is a good thing for everyone involved. I thought the Montreal RAW show was a solid, TV show that was decently paced and well written. Three hour RAWS will never be perfect but they should be, at worst, solid and this one was certainly that if not a little better.

Me: Raw was good Monday, for me personally, I thought the show was good, but could not get into it. Three hour Raw are way to long and everyone can agree on that, quite frankly that is just old news. However, this past Monday’s Raw is a perfect example of how to pace, write and make the show flow more importantly. Raw’s will be bad if you have three or two hour shows. Same goes for any shows out there. They all cannot be winners, and some will be losers. WWE is on a hot roll with the way they have produced their TV for the past three weeks. If you take the bad comedy out and sub it in for decent or better said tolerably comedy, then that is fine.

JR: Smart use of RVD while getting Rusev a quality win. Lana needs to watch the great female valets with a producer to better explain and recognize the nuances of talents like Sherri Martel for instance.

Me: Rusev can work? OK, so he was in a match with Rob Van Dam and that made him look a heck of a lot better than say with some jobber. Matches flow and tell a story, you can’t find out what a guy has with squash matches, but you can tell in a 10-15 minute match. That is what we found out about Rusev on Monday. The gimmick may be out of date to say the least, but the guy portraying it can go (or at least with RVD) time will tell if he works out or not.

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