Seth Rollins On Working With Triple H & Setting Himself Apart

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins recently spoke with NorfolkNavyFlagship.com, where he spoke about working with Triple H and having a blonde streak in his hair. Check it out below:

Triple H: The blonde streak in his hair:
“There is a wealth of knowledge in this company. Being side by side with the COO and (13-time) World Champion, the guy who has pretty much done it all in this business, having him as a mentor is something that you can’t buy. If you’re not learning something every single day, you’re messing up.”

When people talk about Triple H they are mostly negative about him and some have good examples of what is bad about him. However, Triple H is someone who eats, sleeps and loves wrestling. He get’s the business and will make WWE stay the number one (Sports Entertainment) company in the world.

The blonde streak in his hair: “When I was down in NXT, there were a lot of guys with long dark hair – Roman Reigns, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas. I needed to do something to set myself apart a little bit. If you’re seeing the show for the first time and there are five guys with long dark hair, it’s going to be difficult to remember who is who.”

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