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Me Vs. Jim Ross: Sting - WWE Truth & Keeping Reigns Fresh Not Over Saturated

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated his blog over at and he spoke about the return of Sting, as well as Roman Reigns all over WWE programming.

JR: Lots of @Sting speculation as to what 7-14-14 means but to spill the beans, if I knew, would be to spoil a cool surprise. Needless to say, I’d suggest, without leading anyone astray, that watching RAW Monday night would be judicious.

Me: I cannot see WWE bringing Sting in for Summerslam. You would think so a legend that Sting is would get the WrestleMania treatment. Summerslam is big, but nowhere near what WrestleMania is. If, Sting appears on this Monday’s Raw then not only would the crowd in attendance freak out, but online it would be nuts.

JR: With Bryan out TFN, it’s also imperative that WWE be cautious in how they market, promote and build Roman Reigns. Overexposure can result in a backlash neither of which the WWE or Reigns needs at this point in his development. Does Roman Reigns or any other WWE talent need to be on virtually every TV show that is produced such as RAW and Smackdown? Absolutely, not.

Me: I have been saying this for some time now, you can have a hot hand, but if you over expose it cools down. I get that Smackdown needs star power, but Reigns – Rusev should have not been the main event. Orton – Jericho stole the show and they were put in the middle of the show. Reigns is good, but has a lot to learn. Reigns needs to stay on Raw and do promos on Smackdown. Keep him limited, to the point where I can’t wait to see him. In other words, make him important.

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