Nikki Bella On The Idea That A Divas Match Will Main Event A PPV

WWE Diva Nikki Bella spoke with Digital Spy to promote Total Divas, she talked about a Divas matches are main eventing pay-per-views:

“I hope and pray for that. There’s nothing I would want more. Brie and I work so hard in that ring and outside that ring, and a lot of the Divas do. That’s something that we would love. Do I understand that I’m in a man’s industry? 100%. When I see all those little boys, I see them look at the guys and that’s their Superman, that’s their Batman. I think it’ll be very tough for us to main event, but I think it can definitely happen.”

“To tell you the truth, I think Steph and Brie are two women that could definitely make that happen. I think there’s a few of us in the division that definitely in the future could make that happen, and I truly hope one day it will. I think the day that we do it, they’ll see the success of it and realize we can do it a lot.”

TNA has done that in the past for a few TV episodes and they tore the house down. With how WWE runs their company, books their programs and really portrays the Divas, I cannot see this happening anytime soon. They have done a better job of getting the women on the show, but not to the point of where the Women’s division has been in the past.

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