Sting's WWE Debut: Better Late Than Never?

As an avid WWF/E guy for my entire life, I didn’t get to watch much of Sting in his prime (until the influx of wrestling DVD’s and the WWE Network, thank you very much). The WCW/NWA product (and Sting, really) was just too vanilla for me in the early 1990′s when I was in my formative wrestling fan years. Sure, I loved to see the Ultimate Warrior and I loved his face paint and his aggressive ways, so you’d think I’d be just as interested in Sting.

It wasn’t until the later 1990′s, when Sting went with the black-and-white that he started to become more interesting. If Sting were making his debut some time closer to that era, there’s no question I’d be off-the-charts hyped up about it. Unfortunately, we’re talking about a solid 17 years too late on this one.

With Sting’s WWE debut (in the form of a video, most likely) coming tonight, I couldn’t be more…disinterested. This is the Sting I wanted to see in WWE:

The days of excitement surrounding a potential Sting vs. Undertaker matchup are long gone. Sting was never much of a talker, which is why a guy like Ric Flair is still a bit of a novelty to fans both old and young.

What are we going to get from Sting in today’s WWE? Sure, it’s going to be a mark-out moment for those who have been following him since his early days, but he’s not going to be a quality in-ring performer (if he’s going to be a performer at all).

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer believes that tonight’s debut is going to simply be a WWE video game trailer, similar to how they re-introduced The Ultimate Warrior to the WWE Universe.

Could Sting eventually sign a WWE contract and perhaps lace up his boots for one more good run? Getting him into the video game (and his appearance on the Ultimate Warrior’s documentary) certainly points in that direction. I guess it’s better late than never, right?

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  • Matt Perri

    I was a huge Sting fan in the late 90′s when he re-invented himself with the Crow gimmick. I have a great respect for him because he was a worker who wasn’t afraid to job.

    I don’t think we’ll get a “return” tonight. I DO hope it’s more than a video. I hope he does make an appearance in a segment to plug the game.

  • Testify over the wall

    Sting is cool I dont care what age he is if he makes an appearance in a wwe ring. even if he shows his face for a few minutes a and walks out it would give his fans a moment to remember. If u ask me most wrestling promotions of the early 90s were a bit vanilla until ECW went exterme. guys like sting kept wrestling worth watching despite that. i never get when people say he’s not much of a talker. some of his fueds with the horsemen are classics where he got the crowd all excited with cool promos. i gues every guy is entitled to his taste but for me disinterested is not the word id use on stings wwe debut. I havnt wached a whole episode of raw in years but if sting debuts i just might do that.