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WWE and CM Punk Officially Parting Ways?

With CM Punk’s contract set to expire on Thursday, there has been speculation that WWE would use an opt-in clause that would keep Punk under contract for six more months. The same clause that WWE used with Rey Mysterio.

Speculate no more as it appears that WWE and Punk will officially be parting ways on Thursday.

According to a report from F4WOnline (via NO DQ), WWE is not going to renew Punk’s contract on Thursday.


We noted before that there was talk within WWE that the company would add another 6 months to CM Punk’s contract when it expires in a few days, similar to how they did with Rey Mysterio as there’s a clause that says WWE can extend contracts if a talent is out of action for so long.

The belief this week is that since it’s not really in anyone’s best interest, WWE won’t be forcing the extension.

Of course, the immediate reaction that fans will have to this news is the response of wondering when Punk will be back.

That ship has sailed.

As much as we want to fantasize about Punk returning, the fact of the matter is that there has been no actual proof that Punk is even still in talks with WWE. The only time Punk has been semi-connected to the WWE since January is when he favorited a tweet that highlighted the hypocrisy of WWE officials.

That would be why WWE dragging out this process for another six months would not have been good for business. By officially parting ways with Punk on Thursday, WWE will be putting the issue to bed. Punk would then be recognized as a former employee and a separate entity and perhaps fans can then stop chanting his name at every WWE event.

For, the voice of the voiceless no longer has a voice in the WWE.



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