CM Punk Released from WWE; Releases Tweet Thanking Fans

His contract isn’t up yet…but it would appear that WWE isn’t counting on any last-minute negotiations with star CM Punk and has cut the cord.

That’s right: today is the day the fans can stop the chants…today sees the great CM Punk released from his contract at WWE.

Punk has been taken off the main roster page over at the official site and has been moved to the WWE Alumni Page. Added to this, Punk released this statement over Twitter just a few minutes ago:

Punk, whose real name is Phillip Brooks, left WWE shortly after the Royal Rumble. Close friend and colleague, Paul Heyman, stated that Punk was tired of the wrestling scene and didn’t have the passion or energy to keep going with the organization, stating that he was “surprised that [Punk] didn’t quit sooner”.

His contract was scheduled to end this July.

Despite Heyman’s attempts to clear the air, rumors swirled that Punk was unhappy with the direction of the storyline. Speculation went both ways: some fans said Punk was unhappy with Batista’s title push when Bryan was the Superstar of the hour.

Others reported that Punk was jealous of the success of Daniel Bryan as was evidenced by a mysterious letter penned by “an anonymous WWE employee” sent to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer website.

Further confusion reigned when Punk gave an interview to Red Eye Chicago, suggesting that he was retired, despite his contract not being up for some time.

Whatever the case, Punk is a controversial figure, drawing unbelievable admiration as well as bitter vitriol from wrestling fans around the globe.

This wasn’t unexpected as Punk and WWE showed no signs of mutual communication following Punk’s departure.

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