Ric Flair's Time In WWE Should Be Over

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Ric Flair is a legend and there’s no other way of looking at it. Whether it was WWE, WWF, WCW, NWA or any other three letters you want to throw out there, he was the man for many, many decades. That was the past. It took long enough to get Flair to hang up his boots — now it might be time to set the microphone down and completely step aside.

As a man in his mid-30’s, I can still get enjoyment out of some of the sophomoric humor that WWE gives us on Monday Night Raw. I’m still able to suspend logic long enough to enjoy the storylines and I can have a short enough memory to go along with Kane and Triple H teaming up (personally, I generally unfollow those that rape mannequins, but I digress).

Flair used to be the limousine-riding, jet-flying…you know the rest. He could cut a promo that was intense, he could sweet talk the ladies and he could change gears to do whatever he needed to do to get the crowd in the palm of his hand. After watching the performance he put on this Monday with poor Renee Young, I felt sick to my stomach and a bit sad — that old Flair is, well, too old now.

He didn’t come off as a playboy, he didn’t seem like a badass and he certainly didn’t evoke memories of great verbal jousts he had in the 1980’s. Instead, he came off like a gross old man trying to “keep it cool.” As he looked Renee up and down, I couldn’t help but think he was coming off like a nasty old pervert. Take a look for yourselves:

When they give Flair good material to work with, he can still be effective. Hell, I’d love nothing more than to see a series of vignettes of Flair trying to fire CM Punk up to get him back to the WWE. How awesome would that be?

Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re getting. WWE seems happy to trot Flair out from time to time in order to…what exactly did he do again? Oh yeah, they wanted to ask him who he thought would win the Fatal 4-Way at Battleground, to which he shilled….John Cena.

All of our childhood heroes fall and we can only hope that they don’t tarnish their legacy on the way down. Flair’s performance was so bad on Monday, I had to wonder if he watched tapes of Joe Namath before he came out to the ring. What Flair’s doing now is accomplishing absolutely nothing in a positive sense.

I want to remember Flair in a different way. I want to remember him more like this:

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