CM Punk Deserted His Following



I’m never ever ever putting CM Punk’s name and wordpress together again.

Yes, this for all intents and purposes, will be the last time that I waste space on CM Punk.

Shoutout to Taylor Swift for the inspiration for the opening line. Though, that was inspiration that Punk needed on Monday while hosting the red carpet for the Rock and Roll awards. While at the award show, Punk channeled his inner-Swift and insisted that he was never ever ever getting back together with WWE.

When Punk left in January, I was one of his proudest defenders.

I laugh as I write this because I remember reading something around the time that Punk’s decided to walk out in January that suggested that he was turning his back on his fans. At the time, I scolded the writer in my head for suggesting such an idea.

Now, as I sit back and think about Punk and his departure from WWE, the writer that suggested that Punk turned his back on his WWE following hit the nail on the head.

Does anyone remember when Punk headed the straight-edged society?

Punk’s coming out party was in 2011 in Las Vegas when he cut what was perhaps the greatest promo in the history. That is when Punk was not only noticed by the WWE universe but finally became the talent that Paul Heyman saved from a burial in the mid-2000s.

That is when Punk became the voice of the voiceless. That is when Punk became the talking head for the WWE Universe. That would be why fans continue to chant Punk’s name despite the fact that Punk wants nothing to do with the company.

Punk deserted his following.

Punk refuses to talk about his status with WWE in a professional matter and him acting in such a cavalier manner is a slap to the face of every WWE fan that backed Punk.

CM Punk not only quit on WWE when he walked out in January, he quit on each and every fan that continues to cheer his name at WWE events.

To those fans that still are holding out for a Punk return, realize that Punk does not care about you. Punk made his money off us and now has taken his ball and gone home. Bye Felicia.

Pipe Bomb!

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