WWE Rumors: Does This Mean Sting is Officially Under Contract?

First, we saw the official announcement of Sting being added to WWE 2K15 on July 14th’s edition of Raw. It was still reported, however, that Sting still had not signed a contract with WWE yet.

Then this happened.

This appearance is huge for the company and for the fans, who are probably ready to jump out of their seats. I know I definitely am one of them.

There is still nothing circulating about when he will show up on Raw, but they probably will do a good job of keeping this under wraps as they always do. Today’s “WWE Transformation” tweets got people excited, only to disappoint them, followed up by Sting’s surprise Comic-Con appearance.

They did something similar on June 30th when Triple H hyped a WWE Champion and multimedia star returning to the company. The Miz would enter the arena first, only for Chris Jericho to make his surprise return shortly after.

We are only one step closer to seeing Sting on WWE programming. The questions include when will he show up and what role would he play on TV?

He has said to want one final match against The Undertaker. That might not happen due to the severity of the injuries that he suffered via Brock Lesnar in April at Wrestlemania 30. A match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 31 would get plenty of views and hype for the event alone. “The Icon” could take a general manager role so he stays on TV consistently. However, the GM role has diminished over the past year with The Authority handling the on-screen show duties. Either way, they should have no problem at all getting Sting on TV.

How excited are you to see Sting be one step closer to getting on WWE TV? Check out a classic moment of his from WCW while you leave a comment.

Oh, and to answer the original question, I think it is safe to say that Sting is under contract with WWE.


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