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WWE Rumors: What is WWE Trying to Tell Us With These Tweets?


It appears that WWE has revealed what they mean by “WWE Transformed.”

Well, we certainly did not expect that. Nice job of them by getting so much hype for this on Twitter.

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The WWE rumor mill has been active since yesterday morning.  Their Twitter page created two specific tweets that have caught the eye of fans everywhere. The first one was posted yesterday.

“WWE Transformed” could mean a multitude of things. So can a picture of a bite being taken out of the earth. Some people on Twitter mentioned that it could represent “The Eater of Worlds,” which happens to be a nickname of superstar Bray Wyatt. Someone jokingly mentioned that he could plan on eating the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the next show. There have also been rumors swirling that WWE plans on installing their new logo sometime around SummerSlam next month. That could easily be the meaning of the hash tag in the tweet. Then the second “WWE Transformed” tweet came out this morning.

Although it is probably unlikely, some began speculating that this picture is Kane, represented by the “darkness” of his character and the fact that the mysterious person in the photo has long hair. It could also very well be the wrestler that WWE fans have been waiting well over a decade for – Sting. The darkness of his character and the long hair could easily be the former WCW and TNA star. He was recently in the headlines when it was announced on the July 14th edition of Raw that he would be available via pre-order in the next installment of WWE 2k15. That created plenty of speculation of Sting joining the WWE soon. In Michael Cole’s weekly interview with Triple H, he briefly addressed the topic of The Icon’s possible arrival. There was also a very interesting tweet sent out by Vince McMahon a week ago.

The final possibility of this could be the debut of NXT champion Adrian Neville. There’s the obvious with the hair in the picture, but he also had a dark match on Tuesday night’s Smackdown taping against Tyler Breeze. He would make a ton of sense as well as the man in the picture.

Who do you think these mysterious tweets represent? Will someone new be debuting soon?

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