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Breaking News: Spike TV Will Not Renew TNA Impact Wrestling

According to TMZ, Spike TV will not pick-up popular wrestling show TNA Impact Wrestling after their contract expires in October.

It’s being reported as well that if no network picks up the show, it will be cancelled.

Impact Wrestling has lagged behind WWE for the years it has been around. Despite acquiring popular talents like the Dudley Boyz (now Team 3D), Tommy Dreamer, among others, the company has struggled gaining support.

If Impact Wrestling cannot get picked up by a new network, it will be intriguing to see if WWE steps in to get some of these guys. Why not try to bring back Bully Ray (used to be Bubba Ray Dudley)? He has become even better on the mic and improved his wrestling skills over the past 8 years at TNA. How about Kurt Angle? He would be an intriguing add in a part-time wrestling role/on-screen power role.

Overall, this is horrible news for TNA President Dixie Carter. The product is not bad by any means, but the fact that they are not the top wrestling company and does not draw high ratings will hurt their attempts at finding a good network. They are likely scrambling as you are reading this. This is the ultimate desperation mode right now.

There were cost-cutting moves already that were highlighted by the non-renewal of popular TNA star A.J. Styles, who has since moved onto New Japan Pro Wrestling. The losses of Hulk Hogan and Sting were surely apart of the fall, too.

We have not seen a wrestling promotion of this magnitude (almost) shut down since Vince McMahon buying the struggling World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 2001.

There will definitely be more news to come in the future on this big turn of events. We’ll keep you updated.

How do you feel about the announcement?

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