Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Dean Ambrose: Who is the Breakout Star?

When it comes to tag teams and in this case, a three man group, you always think one guy will outshine the other guy.  Look back at Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty for that idea.  Shawn Michaels looked to be the breakout star, and he did in fact rise to some fantastic heights.  Jannetty had a serviceable career, but nothing close to Michaels.

In the case of the Shield, you had to wonder who would break out or would all guys be able to succeed?  Looking over it, I am going with that second idea as the Shield had three guys who all looked destined to succeed in their own ways.  But the way they were booked throughout their time in the Shield, you know something special was there for each guy.

Roman Reigns was the muscle.  Seth Rollins could work a technical match.  Dean Ambrose came in and raised hell.  All three guys were able to look strong at different points as well.  Ambrose got the US title, while Reigns and Rollins held the tag team titles for a while.  This just made me realize you have something different with this group.

Then came the inevitable split, which I was there for in person.  Rollins takes a chair shot to the back of Reigns and Ambrose, and we’re off running on the split.  This was a split that was probably going to happen soon enough, but I didn’t think we would see Rollins be the one to turn away from the group.

This also has helped Dean Ambrose in a way as I do believe he’s the one that’s breaking out the most from this split. He’s playing that wild card factor, where you’re not sure what you’re going to get with him. But I love it.

Now I do believe that WWE needs to be careful with booking Triple H in those segments with Rollins and Ambrose, as that idea of Triple H and Ambrose going at it is much better than Reigns and Triple H.  Even though, the plan is Triple H and Roman Reigns at some point down the road.

I’m glad that the trigger isn’t pulled too quickly on that one because I do believe you can wait some, and who knows, maybe WWE will go Ambrose and Triple H if Ambrose gets the better of Rollins in a match.  For me, that’s the money match.  I think that would definitely make Ambrose legit, while Reigns still has time down the road this year, and even at the Royal Rumble to make himself look strong.

My pick for breakout star is Dean Ambrose, but who is yours?

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