TNA Stars Who Should Return To WWE

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Courtesy of Impact

Courtesy of Impact

Last Thursday, I decided to finally give TNA a chance.

The opportunity lasted only a minute or so as I quickly became dizzy with the abstract camera angles and simply was not feeling the opening segment.

Fortunately for my sake, TNA did not pique my interest.

I say fortunately because news broke late on Sunday night that TNA’s flagship program, Impact Live, will not be renewed by Spike TV when the contract between the two sides expires in October.

With the interest level in TNA at a low and the company having to go through several major financial cuts, it seems possible if not likely that the company will not be picked up by another major television network. If that is the case, then TNA will probably cease to exist.

That would be a shame.

The reason why that would be disappointing is because TNA does have an impressive roster of talents. Most of TNA’s talents have a history with WWE.

Leaving many to wonder whether or not WWE will try to bring over some talents from TNA once Impact’s television contract expires in October.

With WWE currently lacking talent on the face side of the roster, it goes without saying that the company should try bring back some of their former talents that are currently with TNA.

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