WWE Rumors: Randy Orton is Facing Backstage Heat from Live Events

The SummerSlam card is expected to include a battle of Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton. We saw that come true after Reigns came out of nowhere to attack Orton after he made his way to the ring to be announced as the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns is expected to go onto face Triple H at Night of Champions next month after probably beating Orton.

In preparation for their matches, WWE has been putting them together at their Live Events to see the reaction from the crowd. It does not seem to be going well so far, according to Wrestling Rumors.

We recently reported at WrestlingRumors.net that there were several negative reports directed at matches Randy Orton and Roman Reigns had against each other over the weekend at WWE Live Events.

It appears that certain guys in the WWE locker room are having a problem with the style Orton used against Reigns in those aforementioned bouts, according to Wrestlezone.com.

There are those who believe that Orton used a “crowd killing” style that made the matches come off poorly to the live audience.

It’s still a little early since were around three weeks away from SummerSlam but it is a cause for concern. Maybe these two simply don’t mesh well together yet.

It would be a shame if Orton is doing this intentionally. Yes, Reigns is being pushed as “the next guy” after John Cena leaves the company but these wrestlers should be looking past their egos. It’s obviously easier to say it then do it but it’s the truth.

These two will probably be given another opportunity to improve their in-ring chemistry at more Live Events with reports like this coming out. Let’s just hope that they iron out the kinks if what is being said is true before SummerSlam.

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