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Welcome Back, Randy Orton

Randy Orton was once one of the top characters in the WWE. Face or heel, Orton would manage to generate some form of a reaction out of the WWE Universe.

The reason why Orton was such a popular character was because of his billing as WWE’s Apex Predator as well as The Viper. The same Orton that DDT’d Stephanie McMahon while Triple H was handcuffed to the ropes. The same Orton would pull off RKO’s from almost any position. The same Orton that once featured a vicious punt to the head of his opponents.

That Randy Orton has been missing from WWE programming since last summer.

Ever since Orton linked with Triple H and the Authority at SummerSlam in 2013 his character has become mundane and dried out. Orton simply was operating as The Authority’s puppet as opposed to the WWE’s Apex Predator.

All that changed on Monday.

On Monday Night Raw, Orton no longer was operating as a puppet and went back to being The Viper that is loved or hated by many within the WWE Universe.

Orton was finally pushed to his limits by Triple H and unleashed a vicious attack on Roman Reigns. Between hitting a DDT on Reigns from the crowd barrier and throwing the former Shield member into the steel ramp, Orton finally reverted back to his Apex Predator ways. The attack concluded when Orton hit a series of RKOs on Reigns while on the announcer’s table.

The segment was much needed for Orton as he has been facing heat recently for not aiding the progression of Reigns’ character.

The Orton that we saw last night is the type of character that we need to see consistently going forward. That is the Randy Orton that is a top character in the WWE.

Welcome back Randy Orton, WWE’s Apex Predator.

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