The WWE Morning Paper: Bad News Barrett, Dixie Carter, Paul Heyman

So you’re getting ready for school or work in the morning and want to read up on fresh content before leaving for the day? Come read The WWE Morning Paper! This will be your weekday (possibly future weekends as well) hub for the latest news inside and outside the squared circle for Vince McMahon’s company as well as TNA sprinkled in (unless they get cancelled).

Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for August 10th, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.


  • WWE put out some unusual tweets regarding the firing of Alberto Del Rio. Here is one of them.

On further evaluation Dixie was sent to the Emergency Room at Centennial Hospital, where she was immediately seen by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and radiologist. Following numerous tests and scans, X-rays reveal and an MRI confirms Dixie has L2 and L3 Transverse Process Fractures, as well as a hairline rib fracture.


  • Summer Rae and Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould?


  • Wrestle Zone has a review of last night’s WWE Smackdown.
  • Here is our NXT review, done by Mike Smith.
  • In Paul Heyman’s interview with MMA Hour, he talks about previously proposed Undertaker-Brock Lesnar angles.

Feeling it would add a realistic element to their program, Heyman said he wanted WWE to utilize footage of The Undertaker’s confrontation with Lesnar following Lesnar’s fight against Cain Velasquez on October 23, 2010 in Anaheim, California.

  • I’m afraid I’ve got some “Bad News” in this article.
  • Wrestling Inc. has a little bit of speculation regarding Kane’s character.
  • They also have a detailed review of yesterday’s live event in Australia.

Video of the Day

  • The shocking moment when Vince McMahon named Eric Bischoff the Raw GM. This was less than a year after WCW went out of business.

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