The WWE Morning Paper: Konnan, Nikki Bella, The Rock

So you’re getting ready for school or work in the morning and want to read up on fresh content before leaving for the day? Come read The WWE Morning Paper! This will be your weekday (possibly future weekends as well) hub for the latest news inside and outside the squared circle for Vince McMahon’s company as well as TNA sprinkled in (unless they get cancelled).

Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for August 11th, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.


  •  The Rock’s mother and cousin were involved in a head-on crash from a drunk driver. Wrestling Inc. has more info on it.

“My mom & cousin @linafanene were struck head on by a drunk driver this week – they lived,” Johnson wrote on Instagram.

  • has removed Alberto Del Rio’s video with his son from their website following his firing.


  • PW Mania hears that Nikkia Bella appears to be in a lot of hot water over her attitude.

Although Nikki Bella has been with WWE for a number of years, it was only until last year that she was put in the spotlight. She was often overshadowed by her twin sister, Brie, and had never been promoted as a top star on her own. But thanks to Total Divas on E! and her relationship with WWE’s premiere star, John Cena, the spotlight is now on her.

  • is reporting that the Xavier Woods stable seems to be no more.
  • We have some more rumors on WWE 2K15.

The hype for the release of WWE 2K15 has begun to snowball into an unstoppable force as details continue to trickle out. For good reason, too, as 2K Sports is at the helm after a wealth of revolutionary performances in other areas of the sporting world. Pair that with ultra-realistic next-generation gaming hardware, and the mecca of wrestling videogames is set to launch.


  • Check out our WWE Raw preview for tonight’s go home show before SummerSlam!

Most of these feuds will probably escalate on the go home edition of WWE Raw. We should also get a better idea on predicting who will win their respective match next Sunday in Los Angeles. We’ll also see some surprise guests for Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration. If you have not heard the rumors yet of who will be showing up, think of a famous stable from the mid-late 90′s.

Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31 has seemed like the plan since almost the day after WrestleMania 30. That could be a problem.

Video of the Day

  • Remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin went on strike against the New World Order? Re-live the moment and make sure to check out tonight’s Raw that is expected to have the reunion of nWo.

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