The WWE Morning Paper: John Cena, Sheamus, TNA

So you’re getting ready for school or work in the morning and want to read up on fresh content before leaving for the day? Come read The WWE Morning Paper! This will be your weekday (possibly future weekends as well) hub for the latest news inside and outside the squared circle for Vince McMahon’s company as well as TNA sprinkled in (unless they get cancelled).

Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for August 12th, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.


Joaquin Roldan of Mexico’s AAA promotion confirmed tonight that former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio will be at AAA’s TripleMania iPPV event on Sunday at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City. Roldan did not specify what Del Rio’s role will be.

  • Well, I guess this is why WWE keeps pushing the network to us.
  • Since Superstars is such a little viewed show, would you even call these spoilers?
  • Here’s your latest TNA news update regarding their TV status.

According to, TNA’s TV contract with SpikeTV ends the last week of September, making the final Impact Wrestling broadcast the September 25th No Surrender show.


  • Sheamus is being incredibly vague about his possible role in the next Stars Wars movie.

With Sheamus talking about visiting the remote island and his previous history portraying Darth Vader for a Star Wars: Episode I promotional tour, according to Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc., speculation has run rampant.


  • Evan Bourne gave his thoughts on John Cena and how he is perceived behind the scenes.

“I think people say you play politics on your way up. When I got to WWE,Cena was already a top guy so what politics would there be to play?”

  • If you watched Raw last night, you saw Daniel Bryan’s “Physical Therapist.” See who it actually was.
  • Middle Easy gave us their top ten wrestling moments that blew out minds.

This is a list. A list of ten pro wrestling… Moments in time? Spots? Matches? This entire piece has kind of evolved into such a strange history of Gary LaPlante, Dave Walsh and Jason Nawara’s pro wrestling fandom that it was decided that the best title for this list would be simply; Ten Pro Wrestling Moments That Blew Our Minds.

Video of the Day

  • If you didn’t see Randy Orton’s RKO from last night’s WWE Raw, please go view it. Before or after you do that, check out 15 minutes of his finisher.

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