WWE 2K15: The first gameplay video has been leaked

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As WWE 2K15 is set to hit stores on October 28th, 2K Sports and WWE have both done a great job of not leaking much regarding gameplay. They have the special fan panel for the roster reveal for the game set to take place on Saturday that will also surely include prominent game features.

We’ve learned so far about the likely addition of a “My Player” mode as well as a feature that lets gamers play classic rivalries. The rumored rivalries seem to be John Cena vs. CM Punk and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. There is always a possibility of more, but nothing has been confirmed.

So far visually, we have seen a teaser trailer for the game and a few screenshots of it, both courtesy of 2K Sports. However, that is not the case anymore.

A fan who attended Gamescom 2014 that goes by the YouTube name of NexplayDE, leaked footage of gameplay between Randy Orton and Cesaro.

Wow, Orton’s entrance almost looked entirely realistic! 2K even got down his body movements as he made his way down to the ring.

What I like even more is how the gameplay seems crisper from this video. Some the moves in WWE 2K14 seemed sloppy at times and would warp, too. Maybe that still could be the case with this game but so far, I don’t see it yet.

Another interesting add-on is what looks like a health meter for each wrestler in the corners of the screen. It would get affected after every move that Orton or Cesaro would do to each other. In that same box seems to be a percentage that could indicate the chances of the wrestler winning the match. Again, this is all speculation on my part.

Were going to see the new WWE logo in there too, which goes along with it being introduced on programming after SummerSlam.

We’ll be providing you with more WWE 2K15 updates soon after the fan panel for the game concludes.

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