The WWE Morning Paper: Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, SummerSlam

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Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for August 13th, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.


  • WWE.com reported that Kevin Steen has signed with the company. He joins KENTA and Prince Devitt in these high-profile signings of late.

KEVIN STEEN: It feels great. I’ve been waiting for this pretty much my whole career, so it’s pretty nice to finally get to do it now.

  • Apparently, the rules for Jack Swagger and Rusev’s SummerSlam Flag Match have not been set.

JBL mentioned on RAW that the Rusev vs. Jack Swagger Flag Match at WWE SummerSlam could end in submission but WWE.com’s preview for the match notes that the winner will have to capture his opponent’s flag.

However, a source in WWE noted to F4wOnline that the plan may be for whoever gets the pin or submission to have their National Anthem play.

It’s likely that they have not made up their mind on the rules yet.



  • Our own Mike Smith gives his two cents on the Steen signing.

Steen was, arguably, the best independent wrestler in the world, before signing his new contract. Steen is capable of doing so many things in the ring, be it brawling, technical wrestling, even high-flying, and he is one of the best there is on the mic.

However, that can be said about many guys, and if you’re looking for something that puts Steen above all those guys, you won’t see it in his, no disrespect, less than impressive body.

So, what is it that makes Steen so great? Excuse the cop-out answer, but, he has “it”.

  • Wrestling Rumors speculates that the Xavier Woods stable could be over because of the recent incident with Alberto Del Rio.
  • Gene Mrosko of Cageside Seats picked out a funny moment from Monday’s Raw that you may have not seen.
  • Here’s a review of last night’s Main Event, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

Video of the Day

  • Now we begin anticipating when these Superstars will debut on NXT. Hopefully they don’t end up like Batista when he was known as “Deacon Batista.”

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