WWE Rumors: WWE Officials Reportedly "Gave Up" on Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas only debuted on the main roster a few months ago. He had an undefeated streak to begin his gimmick, only to lose it to R-Truth a few weeks ago.

Fans were starting to catch on with his “inspirational” gimmick. It was different, interesting at times, and a fresh character. Unfortunately, the reason for the end of the undefeated streak and why you have not seen Dallas on WWE TV lately is because the company has soured on him.

WWE officials reportedly have “given up” on the push for Bo Dallas, which explains why his winning streak was ended by R-Truth a few weeks back. We’ve noted before that Bo was one of the gimmicks that Vince McMahon had lost interest in.

This once again shows the patience level of Vince McMahon and his business associates. They never gave Adam Rose a chance after one feud with Jack Swagger. While I am not a fan of the party gimmick, it still deserved another chance to get over after one low-card feud.

Dallas’ character is an inspirational gimmick, but it also highlights characteristics of a heel that you don’t seen often anymore.

When he lost to R-Truth, he acted like a sore loser and took out his aggression on him. His character was also very annoying, which heels do not look to be anymore. The “cool” heel seems to be in today.

This character is not perfect, however.

While the phony smile on his face is part of Bo’s gimmick, fans were confused when they saw a wrestler with a constant smile on his face (until he starts wrestling) that is supposed to be a heel.  Seeing him give positive messages to his defeated foes after the match confused fans too. When the character debuted, no one knew if those messages were genuine or fake. Basically, Dallas’ gimmick is an acquired taste.

He was slowly getting over as a heel with the fans, but Vince McMahon’s opinion is all that matters in the end.


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