WWE News: Daniel Bryan to Undergo Tommy John Surgery

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has had a roller coaster ride since his Wrestlemania 30 victory over Randy Orton and Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He was on top of the business and by far the most over wrestler with the fans. His feud with The Authority that reached its climax at WM 30, set him up for a potentially great championship reign for months to come.

Bryan’s first (and only championship) feud with Kane was a dud. It was more because of the latter than the bearded wrestler. No one could buy into Kane as a real threat for the title since he’s in his late 40’s and has not been too relevant over the past 3-5 years.

They would have a match at Extreme Rules for the WWEWHC that would result in Bryan winning. However, shortly after that, he would announce that he would have to undergo neck surgery to decompress the nerve root. It would eventually result in him having to forfeit the WWEWHC because he couldn’t defend it.

Then there was the burglary that occurred at the home he owns with wife Brie Bella. During the press conference, he would hint at needing a second surgery because he did not have full feeling in one of his arms. It would be confirmed today that Bryan will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss at least three more months.

It’s another crushing blow, but it was expected that he will return by the Royal Rumble, anyway. Being a participant at the event would give it a lot of buzz and make his return start with a bang. He may even win the event if WWE feels they want to put him in the main event again.

Daniel Bryan has a long road to recovery, but when he returns to the ring, it will be special.

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