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WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Not Ready For Main Event Status

Dean Ambrose has quickly became a popular character within the WWE Universe. Ambrose’s feud with Seth Rollins has proved that Ambrose could succeed as a face within the WWE.

The reason why Ambrose’s character has become a hit with WWE fans is because, as his nickname suggests, he is a lunatic. Whether it was when Ambrose tore Rollins’ Money in the Bank contract up and ate it like popcorn;  jumping through a wrapped box; or my personal favorite, dumping ice on Rollins this past Monday and then dropping the line “What? It’s for charity”, Ambrose has provided a sense of quirkiness that draws fans in.

With Ambrose and Rollins likely ending their feud at Night of Champions, the question has surfaced about what direction WWE will take Ambrose after his booking with Rollins.

Don’t expect that direction to be towards main event status as WWE officials feel that the former Shield member is not ready for the spotlight.


While Dean Ambrose may be developing a strong following on his own pretty quickly in WWE, officials do not see him as being ready for a main event spot yet.

The reason why Ambrose may not be ready for the spotlight is because he is currently operating as a face.

Back when the The Shield–Rollins, Ambrose, and Roman Reigns–were together, the belief was that Rollins and Ambrose would turn heel against Reigns. Of course, that’s not what happened as Rollins turned heel and Ambrose and Reigns began their solo careers as face characters.

Ambrose being face was necessary in order for his booking against Rollins.

But once the feud concludes between Ambrose and Rollins, WWE should plan on turning Ambrose.

Ambrose’s quirky persona sets up perfectly for being a heel. Between his skills on the microphone and the sense that he could attack from anywhere in the arena, Ambrose would seemingly succeed as a heel.

With WWE lacking true heels, Ambrose likely could then make the ascension to main event status.


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