WWE Rumors: Will WWE Consider a Bully Ray Return?

Bully Ray appears to have had his contract expire with TNA, who he has been with for the past eight years.

Him and his long time tag team partner, Devon, are recognized as 23-time Tag Team Champions and are set to enter the TNA Hall of Fame this fall.

Before Bully Ray’s time in TNA, he was known as Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE. Him and Devon Dudley combined to form a highly entertaining duo during their time there with the use of tables that would make the crowd go wild.

A question on everyone’s mind has been if Bully Ray will go back to WWE. At the moment, it appears to be unlikely, according to Wrestling Inc. via Wrestling News Observer.

Regarding speculation that Bully Ray could be returning to WWE once his TNA deal expires, WWE expressed no interest in him for years and even when Devon was contractually available, WWE didn’t make a play.

Bully has his detractors within WWE from his previous run there, most notably Randy Orton, and his age is a factor. Bully just turned 43 this summer.

Bully could obviously be an asset in WWE developmental working with the younger talents or as a backstage producer but WWE seems to have those positions filled right now and they’re not making a lot of staff hires due to the ongoing budget cuts.

It would have been neat to hear the Dudley entrance once again.

Bully would have been a good asset, as mentioned above. A WWE singles run as a legitimate heel rather than the “cool heel” would have been a good way for him to end his career. He has mentioned in the past about wanting to do that but not being sure if he could pull it off.

A return for the former Tag Team Champion would have been nice. We’ll just have to stick with the video archives to see him in action in a WWE ring.


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