Brock Lesnar Will Hold Title Till Wrestlemania 31

It’s not the boldest prediction, but it has to happen. I want to be the one behind the one of 21-1 and be that one that states this will happen.

With the dominant performance of Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, WWE has put themselves in this place to build up a dominant performer in Brock Lesnar.

Now the bigger question is when and where does Brock show up? To me, it’s great that we don’t know that answer.

I will also state that we’ll probably see Lesnar more than people are saying. I saw some say we won’t see Brock Lesnar till next year, and look he’s already defending the title at Night of Champions.

I don’t believe he’ll end up at every “special event” till next year’s Wrestlemania, but do believe he’ll be around enough to stay in the mindset of fans.

But what options are there for Brock Lesnar after John Cena? That’s another tough corner for WWE.

I think there’s a viable option in Batista. I don’t think he’ll take the title off of Brock, but that would be one of those matches that haven’t happened in the big landscape of WWE, and even better to see which side of the fence will fans be aligned with.

Personally, I would see fans more on Brock’s side after the Batista return and what not. But if you put Batista in a better situation, maybe he will garner that face reaction like way back when he turned on Triple H and went after his World Heavyweight championship.

I can also see Randy Orton being thrown into something with Lesnar because let’s face it that’s the type of opponent Lesnar is going to face. He’s not going to face some spring chicken like Cesaro (who is a great option in my mind), Ziggler, Jericho, or such.

This is also why it’s interesting that Roman Reigns is being pencilled in as the opponent for Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. And furthermore being looked at as the guy to take off the title from Lesnar.

Some will say Reigns won’t be ready for that moment, but I’m willing to sit back and see where Reigns is at that time and judge it from there.

For now, let’s sit back and enjoy what this title run will be for Brock Lesnar. Let me be that one that says this is the one that could be one of the best title runs we’ve seen in recent WWE history.

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