The WWE Morning Paper: Bray Wyatt, Steve Austin, Tom Phillips

So you’re getting ready for school or work in the morning and want to read up on fresh content before leaving for the day? Come read The WWE Morning Paper! This will be your weekday (possibly future weekends as well) hub for the latest news inside and outside the squared circle for Vince McMahon’s company as well as TNA sprinkled in (unless they get cancelled).

Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for August 24th, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.


“I’ll reserve my right to if I want to have another match down the road – say, like, Dallas, Texas is going to be (WrestleMania) 32. Now, 31 is right down the road from me. That could be doable, but I don’t see it happening. Now, Dallas, that could be very special going back to Texas for 32. They’re going to need a loaded card to fill that house. So, I’ll reserve my right. But, am I pushing, pandering, selling, promoting? Nothing.”


  • Bray Wyatt’s next target may be Sheamus and the U.S. Championship.


It’s happening. The Reality Era, staying true to form, is beginning to turn on yet another heavily promoted phenom, and its latest victim is Roman Reigns.

WWE has slowly but surely built Reigns as an up-and-coming star. Reports of his impending rise, most recently from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), have been blossoming across all the dirt sheets. Reigns eventually becoming WWE World Heavyweight champion is WWE’s worst-kept secret.

  • Jim Ross gave his thoughts on Tom Phillips’ promotion.

“Congrats to WWE announcer Tom Phillips for getting promoted to Smackdown with Cole and JBL. Hopefully the Penn State grad will continue to improve and can relieve Cole who is being worked harder than a government mule. The RAW and Smackdown announce teams should be totally different so the shows have a different sound track because as it is virtually every major, WWE broadcast sounds too much alike. I had a chance to get to know Tom while in NXT and he’s a quality young man.”

Video of the Day

  • The rivalry between Randy Orton and Triple H got personal years ago. Check it out.

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