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WWE SmackDown Switching to Thursday Nights

WWE SmackDown appears to be moving back to Thursday nights for the first time since 2005.

As noted earlier this month, WWE production trucks were recently photographed with a SmackDown advertisement stating that the show will be airing on Thursday nights on Syfy at 8pm EST. SmackDown will be officially moving to Thursday nights on Syfy starting on October 2nd.

A photo was posted on Instagram a few weeks ago that began the speculation of WWE eventually switching the Friday night show to its previous day. its previous day.

It is expected that the show will still be taped on Tuesdays with Main Event. The move to Thursday nights should attract more viewers. However, they will be competing against Thursday Night Football for the rest of the Fall and in future NFL seasons, which will certainly drop their number of views. Competing against TNT’s NBA games every Thursday could hurt as well.

TNA switching to Wednesday to broadcast their show last week was the first sign of changes to come for wrestling programming. Many assume this was done in anticipation of WWE’s switch to Thursdays for WWE SmackDown. If TNA had left Impact Wrestling on Thursday nights to compete against WWE’s B show, they would have been buried into the ground, so they acted accordingly.

No official word yet if NXT will move to Wednesday nights, but that would be the logical move for WWE to do. It would not make any sense to have their own shows compete against each other.

A projected WWE weekly lineup will likely look like this:

  • Sunday – Pay-Per-View (1 per month)
  • Monday – WWE Raw
  • Tuesday – WWE Main Event
  • Wednesday – WWE NXT
  • Thursday – WWE SmackDown and WWE Superstars (no word if that will change times)

Stay tuned for more updates on the switch of WWE SmackDown to Thursdays and stay with us for coverage of Night of Champions as the event approaches.

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