WWE News: The Wyatt's Original Raw Plans, Stable Update

For whoever did not see this past Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, you are in luck.

It was a lazy, poorly booked show that seemed pieced together minutes before the episode began. It might have been one of the worst shows of the year for WWE.

Part of the show saw The Wyatt Family be defeated by John Cena, Big Show, and Mark Henry in the main event. Apparently, though, plans were different earlier in the day.

The original plan for Monday’s WWE RAW was for Big Show and Mark Henry to face Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, which was actually taped for SmackDown.

The plan was for Bray Wyatt to attack Big Show after the match and lay him out with Sister Abigail, as a way to show how dangerous Wyatt still is. The idea was to come out of RAW with momentum for Wyatt.

Plans changed some time Monday afternoon and they went with the six-man match that pretty much saw Cena run through The Wyatt Family.

Well, so much for that. Why WWE wouldn’t want Bray Wyatt to gain some momentum out of that segment remains a mystery. He was one of the hottest acts in the company earlier in the year, which we profiled that and more in the first “Baffling Booking” post.

We also have an update from Wrestling Inc. regarding the stable that was supposedly dropped by WWE awhile ago.

The status of WWE’s stable with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods has been a hot topic among fans this week. The group has been used at recent WWE live events and in dark matches, both as heels and babyfaces.

According to PWInsider, the members of the group have been told that they will still be used together in the future. WWE officials are trying to figure out how the group will be presented and how they want to move forward with it.

Everyone since they debuted on Raw in July (see video below), people have been speculating where this trio could go. Unfortunately, they would only make one more appearance together before being “dropped.”

It is good to see that WWE is looking for something for them to do. Woods, Big E, and Kingston have nothing to do at the moment except for jobbing. With the way how the company’s feuds are being handled right now, why not try to get them into the mix to switch things up?

What I see from these two pieces of news is that there’s disagreement backstage on how to handle the Superstars. Whether its Vince McMahon and Triple H battling or Vince overriding WWE Creative, something is going on and it’s only hurting the on-screen product.


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