Stardust and Goldust Heel Turn: Not Buying It

I am a positive person with my views of WWE, but I have to say now, I am not sold on this heel turn of Cody Rhodes and Goldust.  If it is even a heel turn, from the lackluster crowd noise, I would say most people didn’t know what to make of the brothers attacking Jimmy and Jey Uso after their match.

I actually was enjoying the work Cody was doing as Stardust in the face role. I will say that Cody Rhodes takes what is given to him and definitely runs with it. Just look over where he’s come from and where he is now.  If only, he would just been given a bit more, he could be just under that main event status.

I also can’t believe how good Goldust looks and works now even this stage of his career.  Just imagine all the characters we’ve seen from when he début, and he’s the one that’s sticking it out the longest.  He actually looks better than Cody at times, and there’s a good age difference between the two.

So now you have this heel turn, and I would imagine the best way to continue is for the Uso brothers to drop their tag team titles to Dust Brothers at Night Of Champions. But if you really wanted a heel team carrying around the titles, why didn’t the Wyatt Family go over at Battleground?

Obviously they’ve put in the work to throw some great matches with the Usos and they’ve really impressed me with their work in the tag team division.  They just can’t seem to get that push that we’re all clamoring for.

This tag team division isn’t the strongest at the moment anyway, so why wouldn’t you give your strongest tag team the titles?  I do enjoy Jimmy and Jey Uso, but they have hit that wall and there’s not tag teams beyond Dust Brothers and Wyatt Family that you can throw at them.

Does this mean we’ll see the Ascension from NXT come up sooner?  They look to have hit their peak in NXT, so that is a logical idea.  I know people aren’t too high on Slater Gator, but I think that could be one of those odd pairings that just work.  Look at Goldust and Booker T.  Dude Love and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It isn’t the best when you realize you have to throw two guys like Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil together as neither one has much else to do, but then again, they didn’t even get a win over Los Matadores on Monday night, so maybe that’s not much faith in that team.

Hopefully, the tag team division can get some breath of fresh air with this heel turn of Star and Gold Dust, but now, I can’t see that myself.


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