Update on Batista's WWE Status, When He Could Return

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Batista has become a Hollywood star from box office smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. He is expected to get opportunities to do more work in other movies and have his “second career” take off, if it hasn’t already.

He is still, however, contracted by WWE. His return to the company had some hype to it and fans were happy, but not overly ecstatic. Once he predictably won this year’s Royal Rumble to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship title shot at Wrestlemania 30, he became a villain to the fans. Even while he was still a face, the crowds viciously booed him like no other Superstar on the roster. He would go onto lose to Daniel Bryan at WM 30, eventually re-form the classic stable Evolution with Triple H and Randy Orton to feud with The Shield, then “quit” on June 2nd’s Raw.

Now, with promotional work for Guardians of the Galaxy all done, talk has increased about when “The Animal” will return to WWE. It now sounds more like if he returns to the company.

In an update on the recent reports of Batista possibly not returning to WWE due to the success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, people close to Batista say he still feels let down and unhappy with how WWE booked his return earlier this year.

It was noted to PWInsider that if he returns to WWE at all, it will be to begin a program for WrestleMania 31. Batista has expressed interest in working a retirement match against Triple H but there has been no word from within WWE that they might go in that direction.

Batista was unhappy with being brought back as a face. He knew the people never really loved him, so he wanted to give them more of a reason to hate him when he returned to TV.

At the moment, a Triple H-Batista feud seems unlikely. WWE could certainly make it work following him quitting in June, but that kind of storyline about revenge for not getting what you want has been used over and over again (Batista claimed to want a one on one title shot). We just saw this used between Orton and Roman Reigns when the former Shield member attacked RKO as he was being introduced as the #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You also can’t bring back Batista as a face (he’ll still get booed) and can’t turn Triple H face with the Authority storyline.

Batista could return for one last go-around with WWE for Wrestlemania 31. As of now, though, it just does not seem likely.

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