Brodus Clay on Vince McMahon, Thoughts on Character

Brodus Clay performed in WWE as mostly a comedy act. He was known as the “Funkusauras” throughout his time there where he also teamed up with Tensai (who retired recently) to become Tons of Funk. They had their dancers, known as “The Funkadactyls,” which consisted of WWE Divas Naomi and Cameron.

Once Tons of Funk broke up in late 2013, Clay would go on a losing streak and then flounder around the basement of the WWE roster. He would compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX and be eliminated early on. It would be his last appearance on the main roster.

Following a brief run on NXT, the former member of Tons of Funk would get released on June 12th due to the forced budget cuts from the underwhelming WWE Network subscriptions.

Now Clay is out there speaking on his time in WWE since he is no longer contractually obligated to them. Here is an excerpt from his YouShoot shoot interview. He talks about Vince McMahon below.

Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay recently did a YouShoot shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries. The DVD is available for $20 and the VOD version is available for $15.99 at this link. Brodus was asked if Vince McMahon is as crazy as everyone says he is and if he had any good Vince stories. He replied:

“My relationship with him was always as the boss. I wouldn’t say we had a personal relationship. He was the boss, he was like a teacher. When I spoke to him it was always something of consequence that had to do with my career or direction he wanted me to be in. Other than “hey, how you doing boss?” or things like that, I always kept it like that. I’ve always been that kind of person.”

“A great story about him would be when I was learning to do The Funkasaurus character, at one point he came out and he was dancing with me, which took a lot of the edge off because I thought I was a bad dancer and then he came out. No matter what he does, it’s that muscle walk, it doesn’t matter how you do it, he just kind of does it.”

The host asked Brodus if Vince was showing him what he wanted Brodus to do or just dancing. He replied:

“No, his whole thing was to feel it. That was the whole thing about the character, nobody told me what to do.”

Clay’s comments aren’t really that big of a surprise. McMahon has been known to keep a business-like relationship with plenty of the WWE roster.

What is nice, though, is that Clay got to do what he wanted with his character. You don’t often hear of freedom mentioned with how the Superstars performed anymore.

Here’s to Brodus Clay continuing his work outside the WWE and performing at a high level.

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