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Update on Jeff Hardy's Status for Bound for Glory

There was some question over the past few weeks if TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy would be able to compete at the company’s biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory, in Japan on October 12th. Hardy has had issues that could have prevented him from traveling overseas. That includes an arrest for trafficking controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids.

Apparently that speculation can be thrown out the window because the former WWE Tag Team Champion has been cleared for the big event, according to Wrestle Zone.

Wrestlezone has learned that Jeff Hardy is clear to wrestler at this year’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV. There has been some concern that Hardy would not be able to attend the big event, as it’s being hosted in Japan this year. Previous legal issues have kept him off the company’s UK tour for the past few years, but that does not appear to be the case in regards to working in Japan.

Jeff is currently involved in a tag team feud alongside his brother, Matt Hardy, involving the TNA Tag Team Champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, as well as Team 3D.

It is very good news for TNA, who will need to have as much fire power for the show as possible with how their TV situation has been. They have to draw fans to a show that will not have a a great amount of build-up for it, which is a shame. Hopefully things get ironed out for them sooner than later.

Stay tuned.

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