The WWE Morning Paper: Jerry Springer, Night of Champions, Vince Russo

So you’re getting ready for school or work in the morning and want to read up on fresh content before leaving for the day? Come read The WWE Morning Paper! This will be your weekday (possibly future weekends as well) hub for the latest news inside and outside the squared circle for Vince McMahon’s company as well as TNA sprinkled in (unless they get cancelled).

Here’s the wrestling information you need to know for September 3rd, 2014 version of The WWE Morning Paper.



  • Wrestling Zone hears that WWE continued to tease a fatal 4-way at Night of Champions for the Divas Championship.


“I love the talent. They have great talent on the show. The problem is that they’re not pushing that talent. All of the TV time should be given to a handful of people. They’ve gotta to give the ball to a handful of people, wrap the show around those people. There’s so much wasted time and so many wasted segments…”

  • We have our review out for last night’s WWE Main Event.
  • Bleacher Report outlined the keys to successfully repackaging WWE Superstars.

In this piece we’ll examine the key elements necessary to successfully repackage a WWE Superstar.

It’s a lot more than just renaming a wrestler or giving them a new outfit. Repackaging involves creating an entirely new character. This character needs to highlight the performer’s strengths and position him as an important player within the WWE.

WWE villains have often worn communist red rather than black hats.

Russia has long been a source of heels for the company whether the wrestlers are actual Russians or not. It’s a tradition that continues today each time that Lana lambastes America or Rusev stomps on someone’s spine as a tribute to Vladimir Putin.

Positioning real and fake Russians alike into the role of bad guy so often speaks to the longstanding tension and distrust the U.S. has had with that nation.

Video of the Day

  • It’s never too early or late to show CM Punk’s famous pipe bomb.

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