John Cena To Face Ryback In 3 Stages Of Hell Match At WWE Payback

The WWE championship match was confirmed on Monday Night Raw. WWE champion John Cena returned to Raw on Monday to address Ryback’s challenge of an ambulance match at the WWE Payback pay-per view.

In the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, Cena countered Ryback’s challenge with a challenge of his own. Cena challenged Ryback to a three stages of hell match. The three stages of hell match is essentially a 2 out of 3 falls match. Though, in this case, the three matches are a lumberjack match; a tables match; and an ambulance match. Ryback entered the stage and accepted Cena’s challenge.

This is the fourth time in the history of WWE that a three stages of hell match will be taking place. Though, this provides a suitable end to the Cena-Ryback storyline.

Unlike their match at Extreme Rules, there will be a decisive winner between Ryback and Cena at WWE Payback. Because of the fact that there should be a decisive winner, it makes logical sense that Cena will be the victor at the pay-per view. That would allow Cena to continue his storyline as WWE Champion and create a new storyline for Ryback.

Perhaps the most interesting part to this match is the lumberjack match. WWE can be very creative with this portion of the three stages of hell match. Both Cena and Ryback have had recent feuds with CM Punk and The Shield, so it will be interesting to see if either of those fours individuals are at ringside for the lumberjack portion of the match.

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