Vince McMahon, WWE Network Called Out By Law Firm

Vince McMahon and his WWE Network were getting called out once again, but this time by former investors who are none too happy. 

For all intents and purposes, the WWE Network has not fared well so far since the launch back in February. They’ve drastically failed to meet their subscriber quota and have had some glitches in getting it launched overseas. When you add in the fact that the majority of the big shows have not been all that good, it’s been somewhat of a disaster.

Well, Vince McMahon and the network got called out recently in the New York Post from a very prominent law firm.

If you’ll remember, Lemelson Capital was an investor in the company earlier this year, and they were the ones that brought up the fact that it might be in Vince’s best interest to just sell the publicly traded company.

In the Post article, Emmanuel Lemelson himself called for some drastic changes.

“‘He really needs a professional CEO,’ said Emmanuel Lemelson of Lemelson Capital.” Lemelson said.

He would go on to add, “’The model itself is the problem,’ he says. ‘Collaborating with your partners is always the right decision. Offending them is not.’”

Well, quite frankly…he’s not wrong.