Natural Heel Column: Bring Back Kane, the Devil’s Favorite Demon

It’s time for Kane to put back on the mask and become the Devil’s Favorite Demon.

Great athletes leave compelling legacies and demand respect. Michael Jordan retired after a game winning shot that secured an NBA title for the Chicago Bulls. Cal Ripken, Jr. is one of the most revered names in baseball–and he’s quite removed from his playing career at 54 years old.

This brings me to one of the problems I have with the WWE: why is Kane, after 18 WWE titles and years of domination is such an after thought now? Kane was one of the most feared athletes in the company during the late 1990s and 2000s. The menacing 7 ft tall wrestler wore a mask because, as the story went, his face was burned by a fire The Undertaker set.

Kane later extracted revenge by setting The Undertaker on fire. He was also crowned WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion early in his career. Pretty badass, right? If someone defeats Stone Cold, one of the most popular faces in WWE history, during the company’s most popular era, he’s certainly a valuable wrestler, right?

Apparently not. Even though being WWE Director of Operations seems like a great gig, Kane is used as a large rag doll that’s thrown around by other, newer superstars. Rollins, a much newer face in the company, has called Kane “a big piece of crap”–an insult that Kane didn’t even acknowledge with a verbal or physical retort.

Can you imagine The Rock or Stone Cold withstanding such treatment? Of course not. The Big Red Machine doesn’t frequently win matches, either. He seems to exist only as a stepping block for new superstars to rise to power.

Kane’s name can help others become popular, but his name–and legacy–is being soiled as a result of consistently being defeated and humiliated.

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