What Does WWE Have Next for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns?

With Roman Reigns facing Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell singles match, what does the future hold for former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns?

During the latest edition of Thursday night SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt set up a promo for a Hell in a Cell match for the Hell in a Cell pay per view in later October, culminating in what many figure to be the finale of this rivalry spanning nearly five months. With that potential end of the rivalry, what does the future hold for the former Shield brothers, Reigns and Dean Ambrose?

I could see four different angles for the brothers in arms, either set up an elimination tag match at Survivor Series, tear up the tag team division while protecting unsuspecting superstars from Wyatt family attacks, have Ambrose turn heel and challenge John Cena for the United States Championship, and Reigns challenge Brock Lesnar for a WrestleMania 31 rematch that the pair never finished.

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Let’s start off at the Hell in a Cell match later this month; the Wyatt family is known to be crafty and mysterious to find ways to interfere with matches inside steel cages. The Wyatt family interfered with the 2014 Elimination Chamber match, getting John Cena eliminated by Randy Orton following a Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail.

With the interference, one thing will happen, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman will help Wyatt decimate Reigns, which will lead to Ambrose coming to Reigns’ aid. Reigns, who stated on this past Monday Night Raw, can going on of two ways; Reigns will either accept Ambrose’s help, setting up a potential rivalry ended six man elimination tag team match, with the team of Reigns, Ambrose, and Orton versus the Wyatt family, with a potential return of Erick Rowan, setting a Wyatt feud, white sheep versus black sheep feud.

Now on the other hand, Reigns could take Ambrose’s assistance the wrong way, have Reigns turn on his brother in arms, and challenge the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar to a one on one match in a WrestleMania 31 rematch, and then towards the end of the match have Paul Heyman turn on his client Lesnar, effectively lining Reigns up with Heyman, making Heyman Reigns’ mouth piece.

With all this said, a match at Survivor Series or a Reigns heel turn are both highly unlikely, but I am definitely highly interested in to see what the WWE has in store for the Wyatt family and the brothers in arms following Hell in a Cell.

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