Bray Wyatt Teases Big Things for Royal Rumble 2016

What cryptic message did Bray Wyatt send about next month’s Royal Rumble match?

At this year’s Royal Rumble match, Bray Wyatt had a standout performance. He entered at No. 5 and survived 47 minutes and 29 seconds, which was the longest of anyone in the match by 20 minutes. He eliminated Luke Harper, Bubba Ray Dudley, The Boogeyman, Daniel Bryan, among others.

Unfortunately, things would come to a halt for Bray when The Authority’s Big Show and Kane eliminated him in the latter part of the match.

Since then, Wyatt has lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, which didn’t do much for him and realigned The Wyatt Family. The group has been gaining momentum lately, taking down The Wyatt Family, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno in a string of matches.

Well, it looks like this building run for the Eater of Worlds could continue into next month’s Royal Rumble match. He posted the following teaser on Twitter yesterday.

The “#DownWithTheMachine” hashtag and that entire quote is interesting. This comes days after posted a teaser about a possible new feud for The Wyatt Family. Part of what WWE posted included a quote from a Wyatt promo last week: “We are not of this world. We do not obey your rules; we do not conform to your society. Sleep with one eye open, and know that we are everywhere. And we can never stop.”

Could this be a sign of a Wyatt face turn to take on the League of Nations with their loose tie to The Authority? These two teams had a brief run-in a few weeks ago. This wouldn’t connect much with the Royal Rumble, though, so maybe this is a stretch.

Having The Wyatt Family run all over the Rumble would be a fun storyline for the hour-long affair. Will they clear house and position Bray as the winner?