Report: WWE, TNA Pursued Deals with Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground officials recently met with both WWE and TNA about potential deals.

With their second season underway and a third already confirmed, Lucha Underground is one of the hottest wrestling tickets in town. In fact, they’re so hot that WWE and TNA have apparently taken notice. According to The Wrestling Observer (via WrestlingNews), both companies have reached out to the fledgling promotion in recent weeks.

Back in December, Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen met with Lucha Underground officials where they discussed talent. The talks didn’t go anywhere, however, and it’s unclear if WWE was looking to make some kind of talent exchange.

Meanwhile, TNA contacted Lucha Underground about possibly running a combined show in Dallas during WrestleMania weekend. It’s not a completely far-out idea as promotions often run events nearby during the hottest weekend for professional wrestling of the year. However in this case, Lucha Underground felt the mix wasn’t right and turned down the offer.

While Lucha Underground has a wealth of superstars, both new and old, that could work well in TNA or WWE, those companies should be looking to steal ideas rather than talent. Let’s be honest and admit that wrestling’s biggest problem is the stale format. WWE has been running the exact same show in the exact same style since the end of the Attitude Era while TNA is little more than a carbon copy. Lucha Underground, largely due to its relationship with producer Mark Burnett and El Rey Network founder and Hollywood filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, has established a purely cinematic approach that looks and feels completely different. They’ve also veered away from the traditional heels/faces alignment that has become so stagnant. Characters are fully formed and well-rounded, making for a more relatable broadcast. It also helps that they shoot in a glorified dungeon that makes the ECW Arena seem like the Marriott.

As long as Lucha Underground continues to grow this likely won’t be the last time we hear of them being courted by larger promotions.