Finn Balor’s 5 Best WWE NXT Moments

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We take a look at the 5 best moments of Finn Balor’s career in NXT.

At NXT TakeOver: The End, Finn Balor will challenge Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship. It’s a rematch for the title that Balor lost to Joe at an NXT Live Event in Lowell, Massachusetts, back on April 21. These two men have been locked in a, at times, brutal war for NXT’s main title for the best part of the last year.

When the title for this TakeOver special was announced, “The End” could have been interpreted in many ways. The biggest hint from it, though, is probably the fact that this event is the last time we’ll see Finn Balor in an NXT ring.

Finn Balor could be described as the MVP of NXT. Having been in NXT a little under two years, Finn Balor has become it’s greatest ever alumni. Holding the NXT Championship for a good percentage of his time in the company, Balor has proved his worth to the WWE as a whole.

Whether it be his in ring ability, his “Demon” character, his charisma or his ability to connect with the NXT crowd, Balor is the top of the shop for NXT. In his time-based at Full Sail University, Balor has been in some of NXT’s greatest matches and featured in many of NXT’s greatest moments.

Balor has helped build NXT to being probably the most important aspect of the WWE brand, the place where some of the world’s hottest talents are put under the biggest spotlight in wrestling. This may be the end of Finn Balor’s time in the supposed developmental league of WWE, but his time there will be fondly remembered by everyone that has seen him step between those yellow ropes. Follow along with us as we present to you Finn Balor’s 5 best moments in NXT.

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