4 Predictions for WWE Raw: Dec. 26, 2016

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After Braun Strowman continued his path of destruction last week, what can we expect to see on this week’s  WWE Raw?

Last week’s Raw featured something we rarely see. Someone who is not involved in the main-event got involved in it for at least one night as Braun Strowman interfered and decimated both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, while Kevin  Owens and Chris Jericho managed to escape his wrath, at least temporarily.

What’s notable about this is Raw tends to keep their main-event talent isolated from the rest of the roster. Ever since Kevin Owens became champion, he, Rollins, Jericho, and Reigns have pretty much had a stranglehold on the title picture. And during that time, they rarely intermingled with anyone else aside from Reigns feuding with Rusev. You never see Rollins having a match with someone other than Owens or Jericho, and vice versa.

So last week was a nice change of pace, and it has us all wondering what’s next. Was last week a one-off, or is Strowman going to continue to wreak havoc on the biggest names of the Raw roster until he gets what he wants? Or, could Strowman actually end up slowly inserting himself into the title picture? Only time will tell, but we have our thoughts on what will happen with Strowman and several other superstars in this week’s Raw predictions.

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