The 5 Best Tag Team Champions in WWE History

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You’ve got one hand on the tag rope, and the other outstretched to your partner. You’re partner’s crawling from the center of the ring, his arms outstretched in desperation. That’s right, it’s time to talk about the five best Tag Team Champions in WWE History.

There’s no shortage of characters in tag team wrestling, but like anything else in wrestling, there are hits and misses. Sure, some teams have been composed of two otherwise solid singles stars who may not have anything else going on, but there’s something to be said for the chemistry a group shares as partners.

The chemistry wrestlers share extends to not only their ring work (and to that end, how well they gel in the ring against an opposing team), but also to their out-of-ring work; backstage segments, vignettes, interviews, etc.

The New Day

Having won a total of eight WWE Tag Team Championships, the combined grouping of Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston has helped to change and elevate tag-team wrestling in the current era.

Brought together as a group by the mastermind of Xavier Woods in 2014,  a time when tag team wrestling in the WWE wasn’t nearly as strong as it was in The Attitude Era, The New Day has spent the last six years working to make not only each other shine but also their opponents.

Their promos – generally involving antics, pranks, pancakes, cereal, trombones, and more – command attention and are able to elevate stories in which they may be facing a team that while good in the ring, may be lacking on the charismatic side of things.

The three of them manage to cover some good bases as a team when it comes to wrestling. Fans of powerhouse wrestlers (or big, meaty men, slapping meat) can enjoy the way Big E manhandles his opponents, while fans of strikes and acrobatics will marvel at the prowess of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Additionally, The New Day strives to reach out to fans beyond wrestling. Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown allows fans to peek behind the curtain a bit, and join some of their favorite wrestlers for some video games, and The New Day has also started their own podcast to create content for fans beyond just wrestling.