WWE Raw Rating Is In + EX Creative Member Note



– The go-home show for WrestleMania 30 which last night’s WWE Raw scored a 3.14 rating. Last week’s number was a 3.07 rating.

The show averaged 4.390 million viewers compared to last weeks 4.272 million. It should be noted that The Raw go-home show for WrestleMania 29 drew a 3.12 rating and averaged 4.3 million viewers.

Last night’s show saw Batista fight Randy Orton to a no contest in the main event.

That is a nice number for WWE and an increase is always good.

– You can listen to past WWE Superstars or Wrestlers for that matter, but one thing is said, it is always interesting to listen to what a former WWE Creative member has to say. Check out an interview with Andrew Goldstein, who was on the Creative team for WWE and he talked with The Shoot.

His thoughts on if he likes serious Cena or Comedian Cena and if it hurts the Bray Wyatt build?

“In general, I think that Cena shtick is so damaging to most storylines he’s in. I like that last week, that go home week to the PPV where they make Cena be serious. I thought the build to both Rock matches were really frustrating to see them both take it in a joking manner as opposed to serious. My biggest critique of the Cena / Rock build in those promos were like that’s just not how men talk to each other when they have a personal conflict. It was all jokes, quippy one liners and pop culture references when they could have gotten a really intense personal conflict story out there. In terms of Cena with Bray, I don’t think we needed the jokes, but it didn’t affect me as much this time because we haven’t anybody approach Bray Wyatt like that yet. It was kinda cool to have Cena verbalize what a lot people sitting at home watching are sort of joking about with Bray Wyatt. I don’t think it hurt the story because he came out last week and was more serious in tone.”

If WWE adds Triple H to the Triple Threat and goes against the Daniel Bryan fans, is that trolling on them?

“Super smart move. Especially if Triple H actually wins, which I don’t think is going to happen, but let’s just play out that scenario. Let’s say Triple H beats Daniel Bryan. It’s the most epic trolling of wrestling nerds of all time. They would be dangling a carrot in front of every smart wrestling fan and pulling it away. I would like it just for that reason. The other thing, playing that scenario out. Triple H wins, he gets put in the match. How cool is the 3 guys from Evolution in one match? As triple threats go, I wouldn’t mind seeing that match.”

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