WWE Raw Counterpoint (3/31: WM 30 Go-Home Show, Lesnar- Taker, Orton - Batista

This was the go home show for WrestleMania 30, WWE needed to sell the PPV hardcore and let’s see what our writers had to say about some of the big highlights of the WWE Raw.

Brock Lesnar Finally Proves He’s a Threat To The Undertaker

Andrews Take: After weeks and weeks of complaints from WWE fans, finally we got the beat down of the Undertaker by the beast Brock Lesnar. This adds heat to Lesnar, It also shows the WWE the universe that the Undertaker is too old, too fragile and finally going to lose at WrestleMania, but for hardcore fans, I don’t know if they can forget the three weeks of The Undertaker getting the upper hand on Lesnar to really believe Lesnar can beat him.

Mike’s Take: The Undertaker can’t handle getting beaten up by Lesnar every week, and that ruined the build to this match. Last year, they made you believe that CM Punk was in The Undertaker’s head. Even if you questioned Punk’s physicality vs. The Undertaker, he had a chance because he was in the big man’s head. I believe that The Undertaker is in Lesnar’s head, and they showed multiple times that he is more than capable of handling Lesnar’s physicality. Lesnar’s F-5 was cool, but I said it on Twitter @FanSidedDDT, and in my Raw Review, it was too little, too late.

Stephen’s Take: I figured Brock would have to show one bit of physical nature. But we all know what’s coming. I just think Brock will dominate in the match, but taker still goes streaking.



Randy Orton Vs. Batista – Your Thoughts?

Andrews Take: This was a brawl, no doubt about it, they did a good job of making Batista look like the animal once again, but it also made Randy Orton looks like the Viper again. Don’t know how much heat this adds their matchup or their feud but it gave a good selling point WrestleMania 30.

Mike’s Take: I feel bad for Orton and Batista. I think they could be having a good feud with each other right now, but people want Daniel Bryan with the title, so Orton and Batista didn’t get a fair chance. That being said, I’m one of the people who think Bryan with the title is best for business, so let’s just do it already.

Stephen’s Take: Not much to say here because this is why the main event is now a triple threat for Sunday. People aren’t interested in this match. Heck, look at how Bryan and Triple H overshadowed this “main event”.



With Everything Triple H is Doing To Other Superstars, Is This a Sign That Vince McMahon Is Coming Back?

Andrews Take: Triple H has been hinting at the fact that he is the owner or at least he thinks he is of the WWE. It makes me believe that Vince McMahon is coming back soon, especially with ratings dipping up and down every single week. Every word HHH says  you can pick apart if you’d like, but if you do that then you can realize that everything he saying or doing leads to Vince McMahon coming back to TV. Triple H has a massive ego on TV and it is showing.

Mike’s Take: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are walking around and talking like they own the place. Stephanie’s title right now of “Principal Owner” is more proof that they are clearly setting up for another run of Vince McMahon on TV. I think Vince will be on screen at WrestleMania XXX in a big role, but you’ll have to wait for our predictions later this week to find out just what role that is.

Stephen’s Take: I don’t think Vince needs to be back anymore. But I could see Vince back to take away the “control” from Triple H on tv. Possibly to get Triple H off tv for a bit. He doesn’t need to around as well.



Did This Show Make You Any More Interested In WrestleMania 30?

Andrews Take: It was my work day or maybe it was the show, but I was half asleep for half of Raw. Selling the pay-per-view, getting the point over that the pay-per-view is it this Sunday night, but it didn’t give me any more encouragement of how this card is going to go. The Weak undercard in no way does it has interesting matches.  I will give WWE this; they did a nice job of selling the top three programs: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs. Dave Batista.

Mike’s Take: No. As is usually the case, the time between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania is way too long and they had nothing left. The most interesting thing on this show was the tag title match moving to the Pre-Show, and the announcement that the Divas Championship match would be one-fall to a finish, and neither one of those announcements are all that interesting.

Stephen’s Take: I think anymore, go home shows are hit or miss. At the same time you’ve probably already decided on ordering mania so what more could be done to persuade you? I am in New Orleans so I’m set for mania no matter what.

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