TNA Impact! (4/10) Results: Eric Young Wins World Title

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Welcome to TNA Impact! We see Dixie Carter getting out of a limo and she says that she has a lot to say.

MVP is in his office hyping up the 10 man Gauntlet match that will crown a new #1 contender for the World Title. Samoa Joe has told TNA management that he will not be in that match. However, his replacement has been added to the match.

10 Man Gauntlet match to crown a new #1 contender for the World Title: Bobby Lashley, Bully Ray, Gunner, Ethan Carter III, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Willow, Abyss and Sanada

James Storm and Gunner kick things off, they brawl around ringside, Gunner catches him with an elbow to the face as we get back into the ring. He tosses Storm to the apron, but Storm kicks him in the face. He goes off the top rope, but caught and Gunner hits a fallaway slam. He attempts the throw him over, but nothing. Storm rakes the eyes of Gunner and throws him into the corner. Gunner reverses and clotheslines him. Gunner stomps a mud hole in Storm. James fights back as our third contestant makes his way to the ring. It’s Bobby Roode who slides into the ring, he goes right after Gunner. They trade right hands, however Roode lands a series of chops to the chest of Gunner. He nails a clothesline, Roode and Storm team up and beat down Gunner for awhile. The fourth man is Bully Ray who evens the odds. Ray clears house with right hands. When beating down Storm, Roode jumps him from behind. They hit a double suplex, but it does not faze Ray. Bully with a clothesline and both Ray and Gunner hit double splashes on the men. EC3 comes out and he looks a bit scared. He slides into the ring and beats down Ray. Bully fires back with one of his own. Ray slaps the chest of Storm and Roode. He is chopping happy according to Taz. The next wrestler is Bobby Lashley and he clears house. He nails a spear followed by a quick suplex on Roode. Lashley throws EC3 across the ring and Ray nails him with a clothesline. Lashley nails a neck breaker on EC3 and then attempts to throw him over the ring, but EC3 gets out of it. The next wrestler is the Monster Abyss. He clears house and goes right after Ray. He throws big right hands on anything with a heartbeat. However, in the middle of the match, Magnus walks out on stage and heads to the announce table.

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We are back and we see that Sanada joined the match as well as Eric Young. EY goes right after Abyss who lands a series of right hands. Finally, our last wrestler to join the match is Willow. He goes right after Bobby Lashley and then everyone else. He squares off the EC3 and they trade right hands. Willow hits the twist of fate, but EC3 dumps him to the apron. Willow with a dropkick on the apron, then tries to suplex EC3 out of the ring. Rockstar Spud pulls Willow off the apron for the first elimination. Willow chases Spud to the back. Sanada hits an enziguri on EC3 and Abyss. However, Abyss nails a chokeslam on him and throws him to the floor. Lashley spears Abyss, but EC3 attacks him from behind. Lashley hits a big suplex, but Storm hits him with a superkick and Roode throws him to the floor. Roode and Ray trade right hands, Roode is thrown to the apron and Ray hits  a big boot on Roode to eliminate him. Ray with stiff right hands to EC3, but Roode pulls him over the top rope for the elimination. EC3 goes after Gunner, but Gunner goes all Hulk Hogan fire up and hits a big running knee on EC3. He goes for the torture rack, but Storm hits the superkick and eliminates him. Abyss, Storm and EC3 beats EY down. However EY throws EC3 over the top rope in a quick comeback. However, Storm hits a big boot and Abyss nails a splash on EY to cut him off. Storm and Abyss make a pack to eliminate EY, when they do, it turns on them. EY hits a suplex on Storm and a big boot to Abyss. He heads to the top rope and hits an elbow off the top rope. Storm hits the back stabber out of nowhere to cut him off. Storm hits a major DDT. He goes to hit the superkick on EY, he accidentally misses and EY hits a drop kick him to the floor. Abyss hits the shock treatment on EY. He sends EY” to the apron, but Abyss runs into a shoulder block by EY. EY goes to the top rope where he hits a missile dropkick on Abyss. EY clotheslines Abyss over the top rope to win the match.

Winner and #1 contender: EY in 26:03

After the match he requests MVP to come down to the ring. We go to break.

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MVP makes his way out to the stage; MVP wants to know what he has to say. EY says that he is feeling crazy and lucky. He wants a title shot tonight. MVP answers back by saying that Magnus needs to get ready because it’s on tonight and our main event. Magnus says that the match will be Magnus rules. However MVP says there will be no Magnus rules tonight as if he is counted out or DQ then he would lose the TNA Title. As well Abyss being banned from ringside. If anyone interferes in the match then they will be fired.

Rockstar Spud surprises Dixie Carter as he throws her a party. She does not give him the time and says that he works for MVP now. He tries to explain himself, but Dixie tells him off and goes looking for MVP. Willow then attacks Spud once Dixie walks out of the room.

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#1 contender match for the knockouts title: Gail Kim Vs. Brittany Vs. ODB Vs. Angelina Love

All four women start brawling, ODB sends Love to the floor and ODB and Brittany start trading right hands. Brittany and ODB hits a double clothesline. Love sends ODB to the floor and Love with Gail Kim start beating down Brittany. Kim hits a dropkick on Kim and Love starts to argue. Brittany hits a splash on Kim, but Love clotheslines Brittany. Love nails a side suplex on Brittany for a near fall as ODB breaks it up. ODB hits a splash on Love and a shoulder block to Kim. She hits a fall away slam on Kim and fires up. ODB hits a bronco buster on Love. Kim attacks her from behind, but Brittany hits a moonsult on ODB. Love hits a neck breaker on Brittany and stands tall in the ring. Kim with some round kicks on Love and hits a side suplex on Love. Kim goes for eat defeat, but blocked. She rolls Love up for a near fall. Sky sprays hair spray in the eyes of Kim and Love hits a big boot for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim in 4:53

We see MVP on the phone in the back, but Dixie Carter walks in. He wants to know why she is here. Carter says this is her company and calls him a joke for beating up Kenny King last week. She says that he does not deserve to be here and says that she will deal with one disgruntled worker.

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BroMans tell MVP that Robbie E missed his flight and the match with the Wolves is off. He tells them that Robbie has until bell time to get here. We will have a match tonight.

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