WWE Raw Counterpoint (4/15) Evolution Dominate Again, Paige & Kane Is Back!

Your thoughts on Evolution being back as a stable?

Andrews Take: Did anyone else notice when they were beating down the Shield, the crowd was completely silent. If you are WWE then that can’t be good. It was a nice touch to hear their music again, but that was the highlight for me. I do not see them staying together, long or at least let’s hope so.

Mike’s Take: Evolution reforming to take on The Shield is a huge deal. I’m very excited to see them put The Shield over, especially Roman Reigns. This is also good news because it takes all three of them away from the title for a month, before either Batista or Randy Orton returns to challenge Bryan at Payback on June 1st.

Stephen’s Take: I wasn’t too sold on that main event. I think the shield has even done something like that handicap match before. We all saw Evolution coming together and obviously they had to stand tall. I’m looking forward to the two groups going at it because how much bigger of a threesome can you throw at the Shield.



Do you like the big red machine Kane or corporate Kane?

Andrews Take: Personally, I like Evil, Kane AKA big red machine Kane better. Not necessary that is the real Glen Jacobs in real life, but it comes across better on TV.

Mike’s Take: At this point, I’ll take Corporate Kane. I know that’s not popular, but this late in his career, I like Kane as a guy who can use his acting skills to further storylines, as opposed to wrestling every week. This keeps him fresh, and it might keep him around a little longer.

Stephen’s Take: Of course the big red machine is where Kane works best. But part of it is that there were too many authority figures and it was hard to even know what Kane’s role was. I hope we see Kane and Daniel Bryan before extreme rules. But it’s looking like that could be one of the main events for that event.



Is Paige Fit to be Divas Champion?
Andrews Take: I think she is. I also think that her getting the belt so soon will hurt her in the long run. Anyone who watches NXT knows that she is a good wrestler. However the casual WWE fan does not know that. Also, where was the follow up from her winning the title from AJ Lee last week?

Mike’s Take: Paige is really good, like, really good. I’m hoping that with her on top, the rest of the Divas, like Emma, Alicia Fox, Natalya, and to a lesser extent The Bella Twins, can show that they are really good too. The Divas Division is not as bad as people think, and hopefully Paige can shine a light on that. I hate to put this kind of pressure on them, but if you watch NXT, you know that a Paige-Emma rivalry could bring the Divas to a whole other level, kind of like how two Hall of Famers once did in the early 2000s.

Stephen’s Take:   The crowd seems to be into Paige so I say let’s roll with it. I’m more interested to see where AJ will fit into this. That match for Paige and Alicia fox was actually better than I anticipated. So maybe that’s a step in the right direction for the divas.

Overall Thoughts on Monday’s Show

Andrews Take: This Raw flew by for me and usually that is a good episode of Raw. The youth movement continued until the top three stars put that fire out and left Raw with a negative taste in my mouth. I get they needed to beat down the Shield, but come-on this is not 2004 again. If it is, then WOOO! We need Ric Flair. In all
seriousness, no we do not need Ric Flair.

Mike’s Take: I really enjoyed this show. The reformation of Evolution wasn’t shocking, but it still provided a cool moment to end the show, with the heels standing tall heading into a likely pay-per-view match. I’m excited to see what kind of “extreme” stipulation they come up with for The Shield and Evolution, and where Daniel Bryan fits in when he returns. Also, job well done on honoring Ultimate Warrior all night.

Stephen’s Take: Obviously it was a letdown from the previous week, but this is the time when we will start seeing if the whole changing of the guard is happening. I do like this IC tourney. Now how about the US title? The divas I thought took a good step with Paige getting a good win. Still wondering where the Usos end up as far as tag division. And there was no Daniel Bryan so let’s see how he’s perceived in a crowd away from mania next week.

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