WWE Universe: CM Punk Is Gone, Stop Chanting His Name

CM Punk once was a top star, a WWE Superstar. “The Best in the World”. He is a former WWE champion. The pipe bomb creator that at the time changed WWE. He was Chicago made. He did everything in WWE. On the flip side, he is Phil Brooks. No longer a WWE Superstar. Someone who when the tough got too tough he quit the company. In no way, shape or form am I knocking him for that. To be honest, it is not my problem or yours.

He made a decision and that is what’s best for him. Punk was a guy whom the people believed in. Love him or hate him, he got a reaction out of you, me and everyone else who watches WWE Programming. Punk made a decision that killed his career; he walked out on a company that made him a millionaire. Punk was and is one of the best wrestlers that we have seen in the last twenty years. He is someone that can be remembered for years to come, but let him go.

In January he told Vince McMahon, WWE and most importantly his fans to screw off. He had have enough of “Sports Entertainment”. He would go back to Chicago and hang out for the rest of his life. You predicted that he would return at a certain date, location and who he would face. First, it was Triple H, and then Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar and the list goes on and on. He would return at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February.

When that did not happen then you said it would be when WWE returned to Chicago for Monday night Raw, You made your signs, twitter accounts and did everything you to get Punk back. When that did not happen then it was at WrestleMania 30 to cost Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight title. The rumors went wild and guess what he did, he did not show up. He was at a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game instead of making his grand return. Not caring about you, WWE or appearing at WrestleMania 30.

With your predictions wrong, you still chant his name. Whether it’s at a Raw or Smackdown taping, you still chant his name.CM Punk chants are the new what? Those are chants that Steve Austin made a good heel at the time. You chant his name for what purpose? His fans want him back, hell I want him back on my TV every Monday and Friday nights. More importantly WWE and Vince McMahon want CM Punk back. Fans why chant a guy’s name that wants nothing to do with you? CM Punk does not care about you. He doesn’t listen to you. Every Monday and Friday I have to listen to CM Punk chants during great segments. I have to hear it during bad segments.

You have guys like Daniel Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatts and many more who are trying to do their best on a weekly bases. Instead of chanting for those guys, you chant for a guy who does not care about you. He is not even talking the company right now. He would rather fly to LA for a “Talking Dead” appearance than drive fifteen minutes from his apartment to talk with WWE.

How does that not show you that he is done for the time being. You never say never in Wrestling and in no way am I saying that he will never come back to WWE or any other Wrestling Promotion in the world. I am simply saying, enjoy who you have on your TV sets every Monday and Friday nights, rather than someone who does not care about you at all.

I am a CM Punk fan and I would like to see him come back as much as you do. However, you have to face reality at some point and I am at that point now. Let the idea that CM Punk is going to return anytime soon and get behind any other WWE Superstar.

This is going to be a very unpopular column, but I want to hear your opinions. Punk fan or not, let me know in the comment area below.

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  • Zack Phillips

    While this article was pure speculation and non-factual, allow me to clear up a couple things. First off, CM Punk is getting married. I don’t remember the date, but I know it’s close and I’m sure like many others, he wants to have time off with his new wife. To back my theory, I point out that AJ lost the Divas title FINALLY. That frees her schedule up a bit and makes it possible for She and punk to have a nice honeymoon and not worry about having to be back to work in a couple days. 2nd The reason he didn’t allow himself to be known as CM Punk on the Talking Dead, was for liscensing issues. The show would’ve had to pay the WWE for having CM Punk a product of WWE on. Therefore, going by his real name let the show off the hook. That’s just pure business fact in most everthing like this. 3rd Punk has come out and said he’s got nagging injuries that he wants to get healed up and by having to wrestle so much, it’s keeping him from healing. Therefore, he’s basically taking a medical leave as well. Despite the bridges that so many has said he burned, look at how many guys McMahon allows back and rehires. In this case, the fans want CM Punk back, Triple H has said in brief interviews rescently that He and many others want him to come back. In other words, it’s only a matter of time until he resigns with the company. So fans, get out there and keep chanting for the Punk. You’re not hurting anything and yes… he does love his fans.
    On a secondary note… Jim Ross in his blog and brief interviews over the last month and as rescent as 2 weeks ago, has said that the WWE is in full negotiations with Sting and fans will be seeing him very soon.

  • Ivan Lopez

    It’d be funny if after all this time, the guy was just on vacation or needed time away from the business to heal up.

  • Brock lesnar

    C , M , PUNK ,,,,, C,M, PUNK ,,,,,, Screw you 5 years old writer ! this article is a horse shit .

  • Shirish Raghu

    Let’s take this in another way Mr. Ravens. Imagine that a person works as a consultant in a company and caters to the clients of that company. If the employee is doing tremendous work and has been a high level performer over the years, it is natural that the employee or even his clients would assume that the employee would be promoted to a prominent role (eg. from management trainee to senior consultant to assistant manager to manager to branch head to VP and then president). And if the company gives him only a rise in pay and do not give him a higher role, it is obvious that the employee would eventually get tired and quit. In this scenario, it is understandable that the employee has raised the bar to a whole new level and set a high standard of performance that is highly appreciated by the clients. The standards that is lacking in the management trainees that replaced the employee in the company and would take them a whole lot of time to get to that level. In this case, would you not think that the client would constantly expect the level of work from the new employee(s) or rather nag to the bosses of the company? So, take Punk as the employee, WWE as the company and the WWE Universe as the clients. Is the WWE Universe wrong in expecting the same level of work (in-ring, over the mic and overall performance) that Punk has put in over the years? Are they wrong to nag about the lack of quality that they expect?

    Secondly, in reference to you stating that Punk quit because he does not care about WWE or the WWE Universe is wrong. He didn’t quit because he wanted to main event every single paper-view WWE has to offer. He didn’t quit because he wanted to be the face of the company. He quit because he was not happy with the way stories were built in WWE. He was not happy with the way WWE treats it’s hard working full time superstars on the roster (the very roster that you say is being affected because we chant CM Punk’s name). Are these so called ‘mid-carders’ not affected by the introduction/cameo appearances of returning/part-time superstars? Oh well, we don’t mind watching Batista return after 4 years of absence and win the Royal Rumble and Main Event at WMXXX while we give the likes of Daniel Bryan a 10 min match with Kane. Or now that Chris Jericho is back, lets give him a prominent spot on the card with a feud with Bray Wyatt and lets give the likes of Dolph Ziggler a 2 min dance-off/kissing competition with Fandango. Let’s give Bo Dallas a 10-0 win in his early days because he is so ‘inspirational’ and give the likes of Alberto Del Rio (former WWE and Heavyweight Champion) a loss in a match that is given lesser screen time than the time taken for Adam Rose to get to the ring (Im being such a Lemon here).

    Mainly, look at the story line built over the years by Punk. Be it his feud against Morrison(ECW days), Jeff Hardy (Drug vs Straight Edge), Rey Mysterio (SES days), John Cena (“I will walk out of wwe with the title”), Chris Jericho (Best in the world) and so on. One important thing to remember here is his feud with the Undertaker last year where he vouched to break the Undertaker’s undefeated streak. The build-up to the match was one of the best story-lines told in recent years with Punk coming off as one of the toughest opponent the Undertaker would face (with Punk having held the title for over 400 days, and as one of the most fiercest in-ring performers during the time). All this story line let to a match that was overshadowed by the likes of HHH taking on Brock Lesnar and the one I hated the most on the card: the rematch between ‘John Cena & The Rock’. I am not saying that Punk should have been the one breaking the Undertaker’s streak. What I am saying is that with the build-up the match had, it should have been higher on the cards given how poor the build-up that Brock and Undertaker’s feud at WMXXX was and what happened? It resulted in Brock breaking the streak.

    I request you not to be too judgmental about Punk when you say ‘he does not care about you’. The reason I say this is that because he is still bound in his contract with the WWE and had they released him following his departure, the company would have suffered huge losses in terms of merchandise (Punk still being one of the top sellers in wwe shop) and maybe, just maybe he would have gone on to perform at any other circuits.

    Mr. Ravens, I hope that you do understand the sentiments from my point of view and I mean no disrespect to you sir. Cheers.