WWE Universe: CM Punk Is Gone, Stop Chanting His Name

CM Punk once was a top star, a WWE Superstar. “The Best in the World”. He is a former WWE champion. The pipe bomb creator that at the time changed WWE. He was Chicago made. He did everything in WWE. On the flip side, he is Phil Brooks. No longer a WWE Superstar. Someone who when the tough got too tough he quit the company. In no way, shape or form am I knocking him for that. To be honest, it is not my problem or yours.

He made a decision and that is what’s best for him. Punk was a guy whom the people believed in. Love him or hate him, he got a reaction out of you, me and everyone else who watches WWE Programming. Punk made a decision that killed his career; he walked out on a company that made him a millionaire. Punk was and is one of the best wrestlers that we have seen in the last twenty years. He is someone that can be remembered for years to come, but let him go.

In January he told Vince McMahon, WWE and most importantly his fans to screw off. He had have enough of “Sports Entertainment”. He would go back to Chicago and hang out for the rest of his life. You predicted that he would return at a certain date, location and who he would face. First, it was Triple H, and then Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar and the list goes on and on. He would return at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February.

When that did not happen then you said it would be when WWE returned to Chicago for Monday night Raw, You made your signs, twitter accounts and did everything you to get Punk back. When that did not happen then it was at WrestleMania 30 to cost Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight title. The rumors went wild and guess what he did, he did not show up. He was at a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game instead of making his grand return. Not caring about you, WWE or appearing at WrestleMania 30.

With your predictions wrong, you still chant his name. Whether it’s at a Raw or Smackdown taping, you still chant his name.CM Punk chants are the new what? Those are chants that Steve Austin made a good heel at the time. You chant his name for what purpose? His fans want him back, hell I want him back on my TV every Monday and Friday nights. More importantly WWE and Vince McMahon want CM Punk back. Fans why chant a guy’s name that wants nothing to do with you? CM Punk does not care about you. He doesn’t listen to you. Every Monday and Friday I have to listen to CM Punk chants during great segments. I have to hear it during bad segments.

You have guys like Daniel Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatts and many more who are trying to do their best on a weekly bases. Instead of chanting for those guys, you chant for a guy who does not care about you. He is not even talking the company right now. He would rather fly to LA for a “Talking Dead” appearance than drive fifteen minutes from his apartment to talk with WWE.

How does that not show you that he is done for the time being. You never say never in Wrestling and in no way am I saying that he will never come back to WWE or any other Wrestling Promotion in the world. I am simply saying, enjoy who you have on your TV sets every Monday and Friday nights, rather than someone who does not care about you at all.

I am a CM Punk fan and I would like to see him come back as much as you do. However, you have to face reality at some point and I am at that point now. Let the idea that CM Punk is going to return anytime soon and get behind any other WWE Superstar.

This is going to be a very unpopular column, but I want to hear your opinions. Punk fan or not, let me know in the comment area below.

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