TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Eric Young Defends His Title Against Abyss

The first episode of TNA Impact Wrestling with Eric Young as champion. If he fails, TNA is going to be heavily criticized for this move.

Eric Young, Dixie Carter and Bully Ray promo

EY comes out to talk about being the champion. He thanks the fans for being there for him, and he says he’s going to defend the belt on their terms. Dixie comes out and congratulates EY and tries to make him think that she was there for him all along, but EY doesn’t bite. Dixie then asks EY to work for her, but, again, he doesn’t bite. She starts to threaten ODB’s job, but EY gets very angry. Bully comes out and says he needed to come out to shut Dixie up. He then gets her to leave and leads the crowd in a “Goodbye” sing-a-long. He endorses EY before the segment ends. This was a train wreck the whole way. The whole way through they were trying to get people thinking that EY and Daniel Bryan were the same thing, and it seems highly unlikely that’s ever going to happen.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne in a Street Fight

Rayne gets the win over Velvet, despite interference from Angelina Love.

Eric Young, Bully Ray and Abyss backstage

EY thanks Bully for endorsing him, but Bully says he can’t talk because he has more of Dixie Carter’s money to spend. Abyss then comes in and says that he heard EY offer to put his title on the line anywhere, anytime, so Abyss wants a match tonight. EY accepts, but makes it a Monster’s Ball Match. Good way to set up a match, but if they want EY to be a serious champion, they need to give him fresh opponents.

EC3 and Rockstar Spud backstage

Rockstar is walking around, limping and complaining about his leg while looking for EC3. EC3 calls him on it, and Rockstar immediately admits his leg is fine and he’s scared to face Willow. EC3 fires up Rockstar, then EC3 starts walking one way, while Rockstar heads for the exit, but EC3 catches him and turns him around. These guys are so funny together. They should be the announce team.

MVP and Austin Aries promo

MVP comes out to talk about “disgruntled” Samoa Joe, but he gets interrupted by A-Double, who says if anybody is disgruntled, it’s him. MVP says he tried to get Aries on his side, but Aries double crossed him and joined Team Dixie at Lockdown, now he has to deal with that decision. The two decide to have a match, but Aries leaves and says it will happen next week.

The Bro-Mans vs. The Wolves for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

After Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards hit back-to-back stomps off the top rope on Robbie E, DJ Zema Ion cones in and hit Edwards with his laptop to cause a DQ and save the titles.

Willow backstage

Willow talked about Rockstar Spud and EC3. I don’t know what’s going on, but for some reason I think I’m enjoying it.

EC3 and Rockstar Spud vs. Willow in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

The way that TNA presents Willow’s entrance on TV is very impressive. Willow gets the win when he hits Rockstar with the Twist of Fate. EC3 immediately begins beating Willow up, but Kurt Angle returns to make the save. Decent match.

Kurt Angle promo

Angle calls himself the greatest wrestler alive. He says that eventually he will be in the ring with EC3, and he will make EC3 see why they call him the “Cyborg”. Nice to see Angle back, hopefully he is at least a little put together at this point.

Bobby Roode backstage

Roode talks about taking on Bully Ray at Sacrifice. Roode issues an open challenge to anybody in the locker room for a tables match tonight. The only person who can’t accept his challenge is Bully, because Roode wants Bully to see what he can do what tables get involved.

Tigre Uno vs. Sanada

Tigre hits the Sabertooth Splash to get the win and tie up their best-of-3 series at 1-1. Really fun match. TNA did an excellent job bringing these guys in.

Bobby Roode’s open challenge/Bobby Roode vs. Gunner in a Tables Match

Roode awaits an answer to his open challenge, and asks if anybody is tough enough to take him on. Gunner’s music hits.

With a little help from James Storm, Roode puts Gunner through a table for the win. After the match, Storm and Roode go to attack Gunner, but Bully comes out to make the save. I just find myself completely disinterested in Roode recently. I couldn’t get into anything he did tonight.

Eric Young backstage

EY is looking at a bunch of possible weapons that could be used in a Monster’s Ball Match, then says he’s crazy, and will do what it takes to retain his title.

Bully Ray and Gunner backstage

Bully is talking to Gunner, who is nursing his back after going through the table. Bully tells him that he’s been through a bunch of tables and that he needs to get up and dust himself off. Bully then suggests that him and Gunner team up and take on Bobby Roode and James Storm next week. Gunner loves the idea and the two shake hands.

Eric Young vs. Abyss in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Monster’s Ball Match

EY retains the title with a flying elbow to Abyss, who was lying on barbed wire. Decent match, it just never felt like a match with the world title on the line. EY is just not a world champion.

Overall Impression

This was just not a good show. It felt like it took forever, and it was a train wreck for most of the way. Sanada-Tigre Uno was good, as was The Bro-Mans-The Wolves, but those were the only redeeming parts of this show.

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