TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Abyss vs. Magnus

The ratings for the first episode of TNA Impact Wrestling during the “Eric Young Experiment” were not good. This is a go-home show before Sacrifice this Sunday, ratings have to be better.

Magnus, Abyss and MVP promo

Magnus came out for the first time since he lost the title to Eric Young. Magnus started to blame his loss on Abyss, because Abyss didn’t interfere. He said “good help is hard to come by,” and then he called out Abyss. Abyss came out and said that he stayed away from the ring because MVP said if anybody got involved in the match, they would be fired. Magnus reminded Abyss that he doesn’t work for TNA, he works Magnus Enterprises, then Magnus wished him the best in all his future endeavors. Abyss started to threaten Magnus, but Magnus said that he is now nothing more than a civilian and could be arrested if he touched Magnus. MVP came out and gave Abyss a chance to win his job back in a match against Magnus. Confusing segment. MVP is a nice change of pace because he is a face authority figure, but nobody else in TNA has any clear direction.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 backstage/Rockstar Spud vs. Kurt Angle

EC3 came in as Spud was getting ready, but Spud didn’t want a pep talk. EC3 said he didn’t have one to give. He told Spud that he’s asked a lot of him. He’s needed Spud to be a lion, a tiger, and many other things, but now he needs him to be a gazelle.

Despite some interference from EC3, Angle makes Spud tap out to the Ankle Lock. After the match, EC3 attacked Angle, until he and Spud were chased off by Willow. Good way to set up their tag match at Sacrifice.

The Beautiful People backstage/MVP and Kenny King backstage

The Beautiful People promised to give Madison Rayne a makeover.

King was all set for a match and practically demanded one, MVP said that King would have a featured match tonight.

Madison Rayne and The Beautiful People promo/Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Brittany backstage/Ken Anderson in Samuel Shaw’s town

Madison Rayne called out The Beautiful People. She apologized to The Beautiful People and they gloat, until Rayne attacked them both. Rayne did well, as she had Angelina Love down in the corner, but Velvet Sky came back and The Beautiful People beat her down. Brittany came in to make the save, but The Beautfiul People took her out as well, and put a bag over Rayne’s head with Love’s face on it.

Gail walked up to Rayne and said she respected her, even if she didn’t like her. She asked Rayne to tag with her tonight, to take out The Beautiful People. Rayne accepted and Gail walked away. Brittany then told Rayne she would be in their corner, but Rayne turned her down. It feels like a Trish Stratus/Mickie James situation, just with Brittany not being as crazy as Mickie was.

Anderson revealed he was in Shaw’s hometown and said that he had the address to Shaw’s childhood home.

Kenny King vs. Bobby Lashley

King left and took a countout loss after avoiding a third spear attempt from Lashley. Lashley pulled off one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in a wrestling match. King jumped off the top rope and Lashley caught him in suplex position and did not stumble at all, a ridiculous feat of strength.

Ken Anderson gets to Samuel Shaw’s house/James Storm and Bobby Roode backstage

Anderson arrived at Shaw’s house and was greeted by Shaw’s mother. He asked if he could come inside and she agreed. Anderson gave a very sly eyebrow raise to the camera and entered the house.

Storm and Roode talked about all the differences they have had since they split up. They appear to be on the same page heading into their match against Bully Ray and Gunner.

Austin Aries vs. MVP/Ken Anderson at Samuel Shaw’s house

MVP won with the Drive-By Kick. Real good match, which is the standard from Aries. I’m very interested to see where they take Aries from here, he’s so talented and should be one of TNA’s top guys.

Anderson whispered to the camera that Shaw’s mother’s name is Christy. She entered the room and revealed to Anderson that Shaw still lives in her house, in the basement. She then offered to show Anderson his room.

James Storm and Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray and Gunner/Magnus backstage/Ken Anderson at Samuel Shaw’s house

Thanks to a distraction from Roode, Storm hit Gunner with a Last Call Superkick for the win. Storm went over on Gunner, and just before the pinfall, Bully tried to put Roode through a table on the outside, but Roode rolled out of the way and Bully ended up going through it, meaning that both heels stood tall.

Magnus said he is going to take Abyss out as a favor to himself. To prove that nobody can get in his way. Magnus should be a force, but I don’t like his chances in this contest.

Anderson was making his way down to Shaw’s basement bedroom, he turned a corner and was shocked to see something as Impact cut to commercial.

After the commercial, Anderson was seen in Shaw’s bedroom, which still looked he was a six-year-old kid. Shaw then stormed in and asked why Anderson was there, and the two started fighting. The cameraman ran away and was greeted by Shaw’s smiling mother. As he tried to make his way out, Shaw emerged and got on his knees and hugged his mother’s waist. As the cameraman ran out of the house, Shaw’s mother waved, smiled and thanked him for coming. The casting for Shaw’s mother was fantastic, she was great in all these segments. Everything about these segments was good. They brought a lot to Shaw’s character without him even being on screen that much.

The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne/Knux vignette/Abyss backstage

Rayne was attacking Velvet Sky while Kim was out at ringside, when Angelina Love beat Rayne with a roll-up. Good way for Love to go over on Rayne heading into their Knockouts Championship match this Sunday.

Knux was in a bar watching his girlfriend perform fire tricks. Later, he talked to her about him going back to Impact Wrestling, and she said she was going with him.

Abyss said that he never worked for Magnus for the money. He did it for the sense of belonging. Abyss then talked about hurting people that cared about him the most (presumably, Eric Young) and said the massacre that would take place tonight, was for him.

Magnus vs. Abyss

Abyss was about to win, but Magnus hit him with a low blow and started beating him with a chair. Eric Young then jumped in to make the save, but Magnus took him out as well. Magnus stood tall at the end of the go-home show, and that’s probably how it should have been. I’ve been very critical of EY getting the title, but it happened so they might as well run with it.

Overall Impression

The second hour of this show was much better than the first, and there was much more focus on Sacrifice in the second hour. James Storm and Bobby Roode vs. Gunner and Bully Ray was the best match of the night. The Ken Anderson/Samuel Shaw segments were excellent. Pretty solid go-home show.

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